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death/illness of their mother. If a woman has received and discussed information about all her options, but still believes abortion is the right course of action, then her wish should be respected, she should be seen as a responsible person who knows what is best for her, not told that she has no respect for life, as her reasons would be for the conservation of her own life and the probable life of the child if it was born. How can abortion not be justified when both the mother and baby are likely to die if the pregnancy is not terminated? That is the taking of two lives, not one. The rights of the mother exceed the rights of the unborn child, because she has spent (however many years) getting to wherever she has got, therefore why should her life be taken away because of one

mistake she has made, by something that does not know who she is or what her situation may be. By saying that the rights of the unborn child are greater, is saying that the creator of the life is inferior to the life itself and that makes no sense whatsoever. Roman Catholic?s would disagree with most of my beliefs, they believe that abortion is always murder and wrong, unless the mother is likely to die. They believe that abortion is not justified because it is the destruction of one of God?s creations, the murder of a human which God had given life to. They believe abortion is as bad as infanticide (the killing of a child), because of their belief that life begins at conception and every foetus is a human life with a soul and purpose and should have equal rights to that of an

adult. They believe in the sanctity of life, that life is a gift from God and only he has the right to decide when each life is over, because it was he who created it, also that abortion is society?s easy way out and rather than deal with a problem they are choosing to eliminate it, at the cost of a life. Roman Catholic?s say that every child born is wanted, if not by the mother, then by people who would love to have the opportunity of having a child, by adoption. People of the Free Churches do, however, believe that, although abortion is wrong, that sometimes under certain conditions, it is the best solution to an overall bad situation, they say that if there is a valid reason for the abortion, (mothers life endangered, serious deformity in child etc.) that God would be willing

to forgive the person, if that person was truly sorry that it was the only action that they felt they could take. They believe this because of the life of Jesus, how he saw suffering and tried to heal the pain, God would therefore not want the person to suffer unduly, abortion would relieve this pain. I do not think that people will ever see eye to eye on this controversial issue, there will always be those who believe in choice and those who believe in life, the only way people can decide, is to listen to each side of the argument and make up their own minds. Sources used in the gathering of information. ? Bible ? Contemporary Moral Issues New Edition – Jenkins ? Introducing Moral Issues ? Religion & Ethics ? Various Websites: www.bbc.co.uk / www.abortionfacts.com /

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