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the fact she had to take this action, then God would pardon the sin. “Treat others as you would wish to be treated.” The Golden Rule is also used, because no person would want to brought into this world if they knew that they were unwanted, or were the cause of someone?s pain, therefore the unwanted foetus would not want to be born if they were faced with the decision, so abortion would be allowed. “Some members of the Church, however, would limit abortions only to life-threatening situations while others would permit them for emotional or social economic reasons.” It is apparent from this quote that there is a difference of opinion within the Church of England as well as between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic views. Many believe that abortions are permitted

if it would cause the mother/ child, great emotional or social problems, whilst others in the same section of the church would say that the only circumstance for allowing abortion is when the mother?s life is in danger (very similar to the Roman Catholic opinion). The Free Churches (Baptist, Methodist and Evangelical) believe that abortion should be left for the mother to decide whether it is the right thing to do. The Methodist Church especially has been publicly known for expressing their views that abortion is acceptable under the first section of the Abortion Act, if the birth would threaten either the mother?s or existing children?s mental or physical health. . To conclude, The Roman Catholic Church is extremely Pro Life (anti abortion) whereas the Church of England could be

described as being moderately Pro Choice (meaning abortion is a choice that should be available when faced with certain situations). The Free Churches take a greater Pro Choice approach to the controversial issue. “Abortion is never justified” Do you agree? Abortion is a very controversial issue, it is an issue that people feel strongly about, so much so that some of them devote a lot of their time to protesting for the side of the argument that they happen to agree with. To say that Abortion is never justified is, in my mind, a completely absurd consumption to make. If it was the view of the law, then abortion would become illegal. I believe that every woman who finds herself carrying an unwanted child, should have every possible option open to her. She should have the right

to decide herself and not be forced to take a course of action that is not what she wants, just because the law and attitude of society thinks otherwise. The life of the mother is paramount, if this is in serious danger, then it should be preserved at the cost of the foetus. The mother would know every detail about the event, the baby would not know a thing, the proof of this is obvious really, no one can remember any pain they felt living in the womb, so what is to say that the foetus involved would. Every pregnant woman?s life is her own and she should be able to put her body, career and future wellbeing first, if that would be jeopardised by the birth of the baby, then abortion would, in my mind, be justified. There can be no argument about her humanity and the right she has

to live her life the way she desires, so why should she suffer because of a mistake that has resulted in the beginning of the forming of a human, therefore abortion is not the ?slaughter of a human life? as some would see it, but the ending of a developing one. That is the main issue that people cannot decide over, when the life actually begins? I believe that the foetus is a life from the moment of conception, because it is at that moment that a reaction is triggered that results in the formation of a human life. But this life is only a simple life, the same as the life of an amoeba (or similar) it is a collection of cells that, at the beginning of the pregnancy hold little resemblance to a living person, the point at which I think the life can be considered human, is when brain

signals can be detected and the foetus acts like a new born child, being very active, this occurs around 18 weeks. Until this point I do not see abortion to be the taking of a human life, however after 18 weeks abortion, unless there is a great danger to the mother?s life, is not, in my mind, justified. Believing all abortions are not justified means believing that bringing unwanted children into the world is acceptable, this could be described as the ultimate in child abuse, I would have not wanted to come into this world knowing that I was unwanted, if I had been then I would probably resent the society/law that had meant it happened. Think of the child?s confusion and horror if they discovered that they were either ?a mistake?, or that their birth had resulted in the