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Pro-life because I believe in aborting under extreme circumstances and they would argue that there is absolutely no justification to abort. Yet, I consider myself Pro-life because I believe a woman should not abort under any circumstance except the very few extremes, and feel there are so many preventive techniques on the market today, for both men and women, that it is foolish to use abortion as a solution or a method of birth-control. From my own experiences, I agree with Mother Teresa that abortion is a selfish act. Abortion is a selfish act because it denies the unborn child?s rights. Abortion is a selfish act because a woman is more concerned with her own happiness than the life of a human being. Abortion is a selfish act because it is final, and once it is done, there is no

turning back. Many women who abort argue their cases on the grounds that “They could not give the child the right life” or “I am not yet fit to be a mother.” But what is the right life and how fit does one have to be to become a mother? I have two words for women who preach lines like these: Adoption and Responsibility. If women feel that they could not provide adequate homes for these babies, then there are other alternatives to abortion, such as adoption. And women who feel that they are not yet ready for children should accept the consequences of their actions, take responsibility, and should not be engaging in sexual activity. From witnessing my own friends? encounters with abortion I believe it is a selfish act. As a teenage girl, I witnessed many of my closest

girlfriends have abortions. My closest girlfriend, Lisa, had an abortion and it was the hardest and most painful experience she has ever had to face. On the other hand, my other friend, Danielle, has had not one, not two, not three, but four abortions. This is not only sad, but utterly disgusting. How ignorant does a woman have to be to abort four times before turning to birth-control? She completely lacked responsibility for her actions and because of her sheer ignorance and immoral values, four innocent lives were lost. Not only did she use abortion as a form of birth control, but did not even feel remorse about it when it was over. I remember Lisa and I went with Danielle to have the procedure done, and after it was finished she came from the room laughing and asking where we

were going for dinner. Needless to say, after that night, I never thought of her the same way again. I remember thinking to myself, someone who could remain so cool and calm after committing murder, for the fourth time, could no longer be a friend of mine. In my opinion, abortion is not only wrong, immoral, and a selfish act, but it is murder. Denying an unborn baby the right to life is one of the most selfish things a woman could do. No matter what a woman?s defense there is no argument strong enough to bring a child out of this world, except in extremely limited situations. I agree with Mother Teresa in that abortion is a selfish act. I am more apt to feel that abortion is selfish act because of the example demonstrated by my girlfriend Danielle. If denying God?s plan four

times is not a selfish act then I do not know what is. Mother Teresa?s article made a very poignant defense, one with which I agree and she could not have said it better when she summed up her entire article, in one detailed quote, by stating that, “By abortion the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems” (48). Mother Teresa?s quote does not only acknowlege abortion as a selfish act but shows how abortion is exemplified as a simple and painless procedure taken to keep a woman?s life from entropy.