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abortion, which often follows from contraception, brings people to be spiritually poor, and that is the worst poverty and the most difficult to overcome. According to Mother Teresa?s argument, “Abortion Is a Selfish Choice,” it is clear that she would go to extremes to save the life of just one baby. Mother Teresa acknowledges the alternatives to abortion in her article, and she establishes a clear argument against Pro-Choice. Her values and beliefs are affirmed by the church and scriptures taken straight from the Bible, and these sources establish credibility, support, and evidence for her beliefs. Contrary to Mother Teresa?s argument, “Abortion Is Not a Selfish Choice,” written by a Revolutionary Worker, argues abortion is the fundamental right of a woman to make her

own decisions about reproduction. According to the Revolutionary Worker, “A woman who decides to have an abortion because it is not a good time to have a child is not making a selfish decision, because a woman?s physical and mental health are her right to function fully in society and take priority over reproduction” (53). In the article, “Abortion Is Not a Selfish Choice,” there are three main subtopics that the worker focuses on. The Revolutionary Worker maintains that abortion is: “A Life and Death Issue,” “A Sacrificial Act,” and “It Is a Fetus, Not a Child.” The Revolutionary Worker based his defense around these three issues and defends women?s rights in the abortion debate. According to the first subtopic, “A Life and Death Issue,” the Revolutionary

Worker defends his position and argues his case by stating: There are many reasons why women get abortions. And they are all valid. No woman should feel guilty about terminating an unwanted pregnancy. And no woman should buy the crap that having an abortion is selfish? The birth of a child can be a source of great joy to a woman. But it can be a nightmare for a woman who for whatever reason does not want to have a child at a particular time or under particular circumstances. In such cases forcing women to continue a pregnancy is extremely cruel and sadistic. It will affect her entire life, and no woman?s life should be twisted in such a way. No child should be born unwanted. No woman should be forced to choose between compulsory motherhood and a back – alley butcher. Banning

abortion is like rape – the violent assertion of male dominance and male supremacist society over women, the forceful and violent control of women?s bodies, in the most personal dimensions. The second subtopic, “A Sacrificial Act,” acknowledges women?s rights to abortion and that U.S. state laws are making it harder and harder for women to exercise their rights for abortion. The author goes on to argue that no matter how late in the pregnancy, a fetus is not a child and abortion is not murder. In the third and final subtopic, “A Fetus Is Not a Child,” the author defends the notion that before birth the fetus has no independent existence, but is a developing mass of tissue integrally connected to the women?s vital biological process (56). The author acknowledges that the

overall physical and social well being of women must take priority over any subordinate process, such as reproduction (56). And, in conclusion, the author argues that a woman who is forced to bear a child against her will is assaulted and degraded in body and spirit. According to the second article, “Abortion Is Not a Selfish Choice,” the Revolutionary worker tackled one of the most controversial issues about abortion – the question of when life begins. The worker develops his position on abortion by justifying women?s rights and defending the notion that a fetus is not a child, but a mass of tissue. His position on the subject clearly demonstrates that he is Pro-choice and that abortion is an absolute right and should not be restricted in any manner. The controversy

surrounding abortion will never end. There will always be two extremes to abortion. Pro-life and Pro-choice activists will always remain as long as women are continuing to give birth. Although some people feel very strongly towards sensitive subjects, such as abortion, others stay very neutral in their beliefs. I personally believe that abortion is a very selfish act, and that it is murder if a woman willingly had sex and a pregnancy was the final result from that encounter. I do not believe, however, that abortion is wrong in all senses, though. I believe that a woman has the right to abort if her health is at risk, if the child was a product of rape or incest, and finally if the child was going to be born with a defect. Now some anti-abortion activists might say that I am not