Abortion Essay Research Paper Abortion became more

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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Abortion became more common in the 21st century. Many women now have abortions. There s no right or wrong of having an abortion. Some people might think having an abortion is an immoral thing to do, because they think a fetus is a life. Some people think having an abortion is a usual thing to do, it s not quite a big deal. They also think a fetus is not a life. Women can now select their own paths in society, including when and weather to have children, because many women believed the right to have an abortion directly affected their freedom and independence as women. Furthermore, the right to abortion was now part of American life. The question that always appeared to other people when they found people who had abortion. The question is Why do

Women have Abortions? There are lots of reasons why women have an abortion done. The woman is unready for the changes a baby might make in her life. She cannot afford a baby now, she has a problems with her relationship or wants to avoid single parenthood, she is not ready for the responsibility, she does not want others to know she has had sex or is pregnant or she is not mature enough or is too young to have a child. (Mitchell) I think those were all excuses. This woman just giving herself excuse of not taking the responsibility of their pregnancy. It is not reasonable to have abortion with those excuses. The only reasonable to have abortion is woman whom has health problem or whom have been raped by stranger. For the pro-choicer, they go for abortion. A woman who is having

difficulty in giving birth, it is permitted to cut up the child inside her womb and take it out limb because her life takes precedent is more important. However, if the greater part of the child has come out, it must not be couched because one life must not be taken to save another. (McCorvey) Here is another quote from the book. A pregnancy is a nine-month process during which a fertilized egg grows, develops and goes through a series of transformations before it can finally became a baby, so a fetus is not a child. (Roleff) Many pro-choice activities contend that these laws cause many pregnant teenagers not to avoid abortions but to have them later in pregnancy, when abortion activists, on the other hand, contend that many pregnant teenagers who are too immature to make truly

informed decisions about abortion to have suffered serious medical complications from having had abortions that their parents would have refused to allow. For the pro-lifer, they go against abortion. They don t agree to women who had an abortion done. The violence of killing in the name of pro-life makes a mockery of the pro-life cause. We abhor (strongly dislike) the violence as a dangerous and deplorable means to stop abortion. Another thoughts from the pro-lifers, the first think popped up in their mind is they think a fetus is a human life. A fetus is a person from the moment of conception of entitled to equal protection and due process. (Rice) From research people found that before 1973, abortions were formed illegally and in unskilled ways, many women died from the awful

infections and intense bleeding. Every year in the United States 1.5 million abortions are preformed. Each abortion kills an unborn child. I believed not all the pro-lifer are not attacking all women. They only attack those who are not giving responsibility and wanted to get and abortion. They are not attack women but to protect what they considered innocent victims (the fetus) Anthropologists (scientists who study the nature of humans) believe abortion is the oldest and one of the most widely used methods of birth control. It is practiced in all countries and cultures regardless of whether or not abortion is legal is that country or culture. (Andryszewski) In my opinion I think life for each person is worth and value. We should be proud that our parents or our mother did not