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Abortion Essay, Research Paper Abortion: An infants right to live and a woman’s right to choose My view of sin and the human race is that I believe that people are inherently good and that they become evil because they are not educated enough to know what is “good” and what is “evil”. I believe that these people in turn bring down others with them and help them in committing sins and other improprieties. Thus you get good and you get evil people in the world. But I believe there are more good people in the world than bad. The overall purpose of this integration paper is to identify and establish those arguments which I feel are most relevant, and most pertinent to the most contentious topic that is Abortion. Although I do not believe in abortion, there exists a

balance of arguments, which, for the purposes of fortifying my arguments, I should like to identify throughout this integration paper. To begin with, I should like to identify three precepts upon which I am basing my anti-abortion argument, including Individual responsibilities, Social responsibility and Moral beliefs. Simply stated, I do not believe that abortion is right. I say this because abortion is not just a term, but a meaning. This meaning encompasses the life and purpose of another individual. To me, it does not matter that the other individual may reside within the stomach of yet another individual, yet, is, unto his/her own individuality, and individual. Furthermore, this individual is represented as one just as you and I are divine creation within the Eyes of God. If

abortion were allowed to persist unabated, it would surely impact our society as well as their mores, and well portend ramifications for other aspects of how a highly civilized culture should behave. And what of morality? To a large extent, I believe that this issue is steeped in religion. God did not intend for an individual to come into this world, only to be butchered before it has had the opportunity to realize its anatomical or biological being. It is true that an individual, who happens to be of the female gender, represents that instrument to which another spirit or soul is afforded personification in this often referred to ‘ungodly world’ of ours. Of course, I realize that saying this is one thing, while establishing it thoroughly in the minds and hearts of others is

quite another. As previously stated, I am trying to base my argument against abortion on individual, social, and moral bases. Abortion is an issue, which many people have voiced their opinions on, from the various spectrums of the political arenas as well as those religious spectrums. Groups have lobbied around both sides of the issue and political leaders have expressed their opinions publicly. Pope John Paul made it clear that he is anti-abortionist, and it would appear that much of the voicing of opinion from the religious right regarding the subject of abortion, and all of its followers i.e. Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, Gerry Falwell, et.al. reflects the reality that this issue is indeed complex. It is possible that some of these hold this view, based upon the belief that

abortion is simple, depending upon the individual’s belief system, as well as structural and socialized background. Whether or not the issue of abortion is one of simplicity or complexity is not one, which I wish to address, per se, rather it is the issue and their precepts, which I wish to discuss. At this point, I should like to expound upon those moral or ethical implications of abortion. By far, the main controversy of abortion relates to what may be called its ethical and moral aspects, and it is for this reason that they should be considered before treating what may be called its “societal aspects.” This is to say that if abortion is to be regarded as contrary to moral and ethical laws, it is hardly to be condoned on the grounds of its alleged benefits for society. On