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Abortion Debate!!! Essay, Research Paper Abortion Debate I. Human Life Begins At Conception II. Fetus Is Separate From Mother III. Abortion Methods Are Cruel And Disgusting IV. Abortions Are Unsafe V. Immoral, Spoken Against In Bible VI. Testimonies And Survivors VII. Statistics VIII. Alternatives IX. Unusual Situations I. Human Life Begins At Conception a. 1981 U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee held hearings to discuss when human life begins – majority of experts said at conception b. Haploid sperm and egg are parts of the potential, zygote is life c. Alive is having life, not dead d. Human is belonging to Homo sapiens e. A person is an individual human being f. Fetus feels pain, can taste, hear, and smell II. Fetus Is Separate From Mother a. When blastocyst implants it

suppresses mother’s immune reaction b. Has its own unique genetic blueprint c. Have been successfully formed and developed outside womb III. Abortion Methods Are Cruel And Disgusting a. Suction – plastic suction tube with knife-like tip b. Dilation & Curettage (D&C) – cuts placenta and baby into pieces and scrapes them out c. Dilation & Evacuation (D&E) – Tears apart baby with pliers-like instrument and crushes skull and removes from uterus d. D & X (partial birth) – baby is delivered up to head, scissors are stabbed into the bottom of neck and then opened, suction is inserted to remove brains, skull collapses and head is pulled out e. Hysterotomy – “early” Caesarian section f. Salt Poisoning (saline) – injection of strong salt solution into

amniotic sac, baby is poisoned, takes over 1 hr. to kill baby, mother delivers dead baby in a day or two, burns outer layer of baby’s skin, technique developed in concentration camps g. Prostaglandin Abortions – induces labor h. RU-486 (morning after pill) – blocks use of an essential hormone nutrient by newly-implanted baby, mother delivers dead baby i. Intracardiac Injections – inject poison straight to the heart IV. Abortions Are Unsafe a. Post-abortion Syndrome – at least 20% affected, of which 60% suicidal b. Breast Cancer Risk – 50% increase in risk c. Cervical Cancer V. Immoral, Spoken Against In Bible a. Jeremiah 1:5 – Before I formed you in the womb I knew you b. Thou shalt not kill c. Job 31:15 – Made us in the womb VI. Testimonies And Survivors a.

Tremendous guilt, depression, emptiness, reminded daily b. Weren’t told the complete truth about abortion VII. Statistics a. 1996 – 1,365,700 abortions in US b. Over 40 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade c. 53% are college-age girls *24 yrs. d. 95% of abortions are for birth control e. 46 million abortions each year in world f. Over 95% are curettage procedures VIII. Alternatives a. Adoption IX. Unusual Situations a. Rape – Still not baby’s fault b. Incest – Hard to prove Throughout this debate we have shown you the ugly side of abortion, the truth. Abortion is the unnecessary murder of an innocent child because he or she has become an inconvenience in someone’s life. Our country was founded upon the idea of equality and independence. In our Declaration of

Independence it claims that all men are created equal, each with certain unalienable rights, including life. We have evidence that human life begins at conception and that the zygote is a separate entity from the mother. Under these grounds we demand that abortion be declared illegal, save for special circumstances. The eight amendment of the constitution protects citizens from cruel and unusual punishment. Abortion methods are completely unconstitutional. It is obvious that fetuses feel pain and react in a manner to avoid pain. These abortion practices must be outlawed. A key point to remember is that the mother also faces health risks. Her risk of breast cancer increases greatly. More than twenty percent of mothers who had an abortion develop Post-abortion Syndrome. Abortion is