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Abortion And Ethics Essay, Research Paper Abortion Question What would happen if I were to walk into a crowded restaurant and opened fire on the people inside, killing one? Well, more than likely I would be hauled off to jail and sentenced for murder. If murder is illegal then how come everyday women are continually having abortions? What is the difference between abortion and murder both of them involve taking the life of a living human being. How come the question of abortion is still undecided? If it is illegal to go out and kill someone then it should be illegal to receive an abortion. Abortion, many women feel that abortions do not take the life of a living human being. Wrong, from the moment of conception that baby is a living, breathing creation of God. Plus most women

have abortions during the third trimester of pregnancy. In the third trimester the baby is developing lungs, arms and legs and is starting to develop fingers and toes. So during many abortions the baby is breathing, kicking, and very alive. There are many ways that abortions are performed. There is the partial-birth abortion, salt poisoning, and the suction or vacuum. However abortions are performed they are cruel and unnecessary. There are many other options besides having an abortion like adoption. There are millions of couples around the world that want so badly to have a child and then there are the millions that are destroying baby?s everyday. The abortion procedures go as followed: Partial-Birth Abortions- when the baby is partially delivered and then the doctor jam a pair

of scissors into the back of the baby?s skull. Then the scissors are removed and a suction tube is placed inside of the baby?s skull. The tube is then turned on and the powerful suction sucks the baby?s brains out. Then the baby is delivered the rest of the way and tossed aside like a rag doll. The partial-birth abortion is the most widely used abortion technique. Salt Poisoning abortions take place when the mother has a doctor inject into the uterus a saline solution. The solution travels its way down into the baby?s lungs and starts to burn. The salt beings? eating away at the baby?s lungs and basically suffocates the baby. Most babies that are aborted by the salt poisoning method will look like bright red candy apples. This is because the salt burns the layers of baby?s skin

making them bright red. The salt poisoning method is the most painful for the baby because it takes up to hours for them to die and then some are born still alive. The last abortion technique is the vacuum. Vacuum abortions start out with the doctor inserting a power suction tube into the uterus where the baby is. Then the suction is turned on and by the guide of the sonogram picture the doctor starts sucking off limbs of the baby. The baby is fully alive and moving when the suction grabs a hold of the baby?s arms or legs and rips them off. All that is left in the uterus after everything is sucked out is the head. Then the doctor inserts a pair of forceps and crushes the skull of the baby so the suction tube can remove it. The baby is not the only one that suffers; many mothers

that have abortions may put themselves at risk of infertility, depression, or even death. Post Abortion Syndrome may cause; if not treated depression and may even make the mother resort to suicide. Infertility may happen if the doctor slips and cuts parts of the uterus or the fallopian tubes. Death happens when the doctor cuts part of the uterus and the fallopian tubes causing internal bleeding. She was a young mother, single and carrying a second child, struggling to survive on minimum wage and welfare. He was a prominent man that had built himself a career out of performing abortions on women. During a routine abortion their fates collided. Within hours Sharon Hampltlon was dead and Bruce Steir was fighting for his freedom. At the center of the case is Steir who performed about