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Abortion 9 Essay, Research Paper General Studies Assessment Abortion and Euthanasia are two controversial topics that share common arguments in the name of law and morality. The Government has faced crucial decision making on either side of each debate and it is difficult to evaluate a moral crisis while in the midst of it, torn by diametrically opposed arguments. But once a moral crisis has resolved itself, even if only partially, it is much easier to look back upon it and to comprehend the real issues. The real issues of the Abortion and Euthanasia debate are that the arguments on both sides are strong and persuasive. The debate for abortion is more an argument of choice and family values then statistics and morality. The question of should a healthy woman raise a child in

an unloving and remorseful household is lamented in certain cases. A prime example is when a woman from Adelaide shot herself in the abdomen 8 months into the pregnancy. The woman survived, but the fetus she was carrying did not. If the woman was instigated enough to shot herself in the abdomen to destroy this fetus then what kind of life would this child be brought into if it had survived. Research into abortion must be considered with the inevitability of it occurring and the dangers of D.I.Y abortions. From the mid 1960s and on, abortions moved from the backyard to the public hospital and specialized clinics, yet still the facts are that many abortions are still causing numerous incidents with the baby surviving or the mother being effected in certain ways such as miscarriages

in later years. Research in the field has led to some Anti-Ulcerant drugs such as Misoprostol, submitted by the Australian birth control service show that abortions can take place in as soon as 1 and a half days without surgery. Although this does not prove the morality of the exercising of abortion it does show approving safety numbers being reached which was also a major argument in the negative abortion discussion. Other factors contributing to abortions are the unidealistic factors in that some women must submit to abortion to preserve their careers and education. Quite often called mistakes , these are major effects in the women s workplaces with maternity leave a must in jobs and the loss of time and focus on education if being sought. The fact that this could void ones

life of choice in the future is not extreme as an ample amount of numbers of mothers never return to the workforce. This is where the idea of choice comes into key with the mother and partially father needing to be able to choose for not only their needs but also the child s. Quite commonly if an abortion is seeked then the mother must not want their child for some reason and although the reason may not always be reasonable, we must understand that it is their choice though. Religion has been involved in the fight of abortionists for many years and yet we even find clergymen involved in counseling abortion and defending it in public. The most common case, which is used as an inescapable reason for abortion, is Rape. A National Opinion Poll in 1995 found that while 83 per cent of

the 481 persons polled opposed abortion for an unwed mother, 49 per cent of those questioned were in favor of abortion for the rape victim. There are no national statistics on the number of pregnancies from unconsented intercourse. There were however in 1967, 18,000 recorded crimes of forcible rape. If the woman became pregnant, then if chosen, abortion should be allowed as not even lawful sex took place. This is what the pro-choicers are demanding as it is only left as a burden to the parents if the child is not wanted. Society has come to accept that the unborn is somehow inferior and that he may be killed at will. There is no logical or scientific basis for the belief in his inferiority. There is massive confusion in the society and many are unable to comprehend the morality