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or fetus. I can not find justification for bringing an unwanted, undesired, unappreciated, unloved baby into this world. To illegalize abortion would be taking away from the civil rights of the women, which would be unconstitutional in the United States. Nobody should be allowed to interfere in the choice of abortion when the decision will impact the woman for the rest of her life. Some women, however, may use abortion as a contraceptive. I believe women with repeated abortions should suffer some consequences of the law. My final argument is if you can not trust a women with a choice, how can you trust her with a child? The issue of abortion has stirred up a lot of controversy and debate. Unfortunately, the issue has, in some cases, resulted in violence. The violence has come

from the protests of the pro-life supporters. “They protest that abortions are murder, but still feel it is okay to murder those who choose to be pro-choice” (Cain). A total of eight assassinations have occurred like that of Dr. David Gunn who was killed because he performed abortions in a clinic in Florida. There have also been many attempted or successful bombings of clinics. These acts have startled many pro-choice individuals and especially employees of abortion clinics. They have come to see a great deal of disgust and rejection to their job, which frightens them and strikes them with a sense of horror. The issue of abortion will be around till the end of time, and the controversy will continue. If the opposing sides work together to form a compromise, the tension

between the two may be weakened but never destroyed. With the two sides working against eachother and not attempting to come to a consensus the issue will linger on. This issue will impact many women and men in the years to come, and for the time being, they have a moral dilemma that they must solve on their own.