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Abortion 4 Essay, Research Paper The Issues of Abortion Abortion has become one of the most controversial topics of the twentieth century. The act of ending a pregnancy before birth is abortion. It is hard to find someone who does not have an opinion on abortion today. About ninety percent of abortions occur during the women’s first trimester, which accounts for approximately 1.8 million abortions per year. Nine percent of abortions take place in the second trimester, and the last one percent occurs after twenty-one weeks (Callahan 145). Most people are either pro-choice or pro-life. On average, the pro-choice individual believes abortion is a private issue and the mother should have the right to choose the destiny of the fetus. Pro-life individuals believe a life is

started once conception has occurred, therefore abortion is murder. Abortion is an act of man playing god, which was thoroughly introduced by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the mid 1800’s. The two sides of abortion both have worthy arguments with solid and effective support for their views. People who oppose abortions believe life of the fetus begins right after conception. The chief opponent of abortion is probably the Roman Catholic Church. Many physicians oppose abortions because it is their job and belief to save lives, not end them. Opponents to abortion believe “if left to run its natural course, (pregnancy) would ultimately result in the birth of a human being” (Scharz). Another argument against abortion is that laws allowing abortion will increase irresponsible pregnancies.

This will lead to disrespect for human life and over-use of abortion. Opponents to abortion believe life begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg. Ergo, destroying an embryo or fetus is morally wrong and even considered murder. These arguments give good reasoning behind the need to abolish abortion, however the counterpart also has concrete arguments. Most pro-abortion individuals believe abortion is a private issue and the decision should be made by the mother of the embryo or fetus. “Many persons also approve of abortion because they do not believe a fetus is a complete human being, and therefore is not entitled to the rights normally given to humans” (Callahan 145). This argument shows that human life does not begin shortly after conception, which is in disagreement with

opposers to abortion. This disagreement causes wide controversy, but there has been no consensus or justification on the time an embryo or fetus is considered a human being. “Why should a child who would be unwanted and unloved be brought into this world?” (Cain). If the women was not given the choice then who would care for the baby and love and raise it? Also if abortion became illegal, there would be many unsafe and unclean abortions taking place. “Bill Baird rushed to the side of a woman ‘…who was covered in blood from the waist down, with an eight inch piece of coat hanger sticking out of her uterus,’ he said. ‘She died’” (Cain). This women was trying to have an illegal abortion in 1963 when disaster struck and she died attempting this unclean and unsafe

abortion. By keeping abortion legal the number of illegal and unsafe abortions would decrease. Another situation where abortions seem justified is when a women has been raped. For obvious reasons the women may decide against having the child, thus needing an abortion. In some situations an abortion is necessary for the survival of the mother. These abortions often take place in the third trimester when there is only a small chance the infant will live and a large chance that the mother will suffer terminal health problems or possibly die. Pro-choice individuals see the need to keep abortions legal and find it legitimate to terminate a pregnancy. I myself am pro-choice and believe the choice for an abortion should be a private issue left up to the mother and father of the embryo