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Abortion 19 Essay, Research Paper Abortion Abortion is the killing of a human being before it is born. It is killed while it is a fetus. John Noonan states several things concerning the subject of abortion. If you are conceived by human parents, you are human. The life of the fetus is dependent on the life of its mother. At the moment of conception, you have a unique individual in the genetic code that cannot be duplicated. There is an 80 % chance for the development of a human being. If destroyed, you wipe out the genetic code of the individual and the person itself. The fetus is a human being at the moment of conception and it is wrong to kill a human being at the moment of conception. Judith Thompson agrees with Thompson in some ways. A fetus is a human being at the moment

of conception. Every human being has a right to life. The fetus is (at conception) a human being. So it is concluded that a fetus has (at conception) a right to life. Thompson says there are exceptions to kill a fetus. Furthermore, since the fetus is living in its mother, the mother can kill a fetus because , it is not the fetus s body, it is the mother s body. The fetus has a right to life, and so does the mother. Both of them has equally a right to life. He tries to prove it in his or her story in the violinist operation. Basically, I think they are stupid and their ideas are stupid. First of, nobody cares about a genetic code. A million of genetic codes are lost in many living things and the genetic code is not relevant to abortion. Abortion is the killing of a fetus. It is

not about losing a genetic code that can never be reproduced again. So what if it lost, the only important thing is the life of the fetus. The story of the violinist is absurd. Who ever heard of a baby just appearing right there with no cause. A baby happens when you have sex. A violinist cannot come from anywhere and you are responsible for it. If in anyway you cause the violinist to be in that sort of position, it is right to say that it is your responsibility to care for the violinist. Abortion is not a right choice, it is a bad moral judgment that causes a big problem when chosen. There are other options like adoption. Although people say that it affects the child mentally, at least that child had a chance to feel the absolute happiness of being alive. Some say that people

get abortions if they are raped. But they do not need to because the police can take the sperm out before they catch an effect on the female victim. They do this to catch the perpetrator that caused the rape.