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Abortion 11 Essay, Research Paper In the United States, one out of every four women decide to abort their baby during their pregnancy. Although, abortions are a greater problem in other countries such as the Soviet Union and Romania. In these countries over one-half of the pregnancies end in abortion. The amount of abortions in the United States is far less then in these countries. However, they are still not at a reasonable amount and some actions should be made to reduce this number even more. I believe that abortions give people a way to escape from the responsibilies of being a parent. It is much easier to get an abortion then it is to go through birth and then put the baby up for adoption. Most people think they can escape the trouble of birth by having an abortion at a

young stage in pregnancy. Its mainly because abortions are more convienent . So, they would rather kill a living baby in order to save some time and pain. The amount of pain that the woman goes through during birth is not as painful as the procedtures that a fetus goes through during an abortion. Although it is uncertain when a fetus can feel pain, most scientists believe that its around the 10th month of pregnancy, when most abortions take place. The pain of birth could not be compared to the pain of being aborted. The procedure is usually very long, painfull and barbaric. Less then 1% of rapes end in pregnancy. This is mainly because of the trauma that the woman goes through. So, when the trauma is over, another trauma should begin? The female body doesn t particularly like the

baby to be killed and then ripped from the body. In essence an abortion for rape is like killing an innocent baby for the crime of his father. Womens rights give the mother a choice to either have the baby, or abort it. They have a right to their own body. However, every year almost 800,000 female babies are aborted. Isn t that a violation of their womens rights? Or more importantly, isn t that a violation of their human rights? Then there is the question of when the baby changes from a fetus to a human. Almost every aspect of abortions could be debated in some way. Which stage of pregnancy does the fetus become human? Which stage does a fetus feel pain? Is the baby fetus considered a citizen while inside the body? Should the fetus be given the same rights as a citizen? Most of

these questions can only be answered after more scientific studies are done. There is still much to know about the stages of pregnancy and the arguments could still continue well into the new millenium.