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signifies much more than just a hobby or a pastime it represents life, death, and visions from Dreamtime. Art is at the forefront of Yolngu civilization and is a representative of their existence. Paintings by the Yolngu symbolize scenes from the past and their ancestral beings. Objects such as diggings sticks and canoe paddles can also be representative of ancestral beings. Though these objects have significant meaning they are only a small image of the convoluted ancestral being. It is quite difficult to imagine ancestral beings as fixed in a single form. As the art of the Yolngu has moved through time, the gap it has filled has changed. It is quite unfeasible to analyze the art of the Yolngu without taking account the recent desirability of this ancient art form in the

European marketplace. The art of the Yolngu now exists as two realms and though it may be framed differently from the viewpoints of the Yolngu and the European Australians, members of both societies live in the same “art world”.