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not as rich as her family is. Ms. Adams, as your husband was frequently absent on business occasions, you were left with the tasks of cultivating a farm, managing the finances and ordering and selling goods (282). Nowadays several women are constantly left home alone because of traveling husbands, but they don?t carry the same responsibilities you did. Families are more expensive today so the women are employed just as the men are, and there aren?t as many children in a family as in your times. You?ll witness far from perfect families striving to stay together and live successfully, yet survive through the hardships of daily life. Hopefully when your voyage in my world comes to an end, you?ll have witnessed the ever-changing American life. You?ll notice that even though we have

accomplished many achievements through time, the world is still motivated to improve society. One last note, on your flight to the new Americas, be sure to fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!