Abigail Adams And Anne Bradstreet Essay Research

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Abigail Adams And Anne Bradstreet Essay, Research Paper Dear Anne Bradstreet and Abagail Adams, I?m anxiously awaiting your arrival. I think your visit will be filled with shocking surprises and pleasurable impressions. Behind the boundless differences you will encounter, you?ll also meet with your very own American nature. You?ll notice that your longing for women?s rights and independence has actually been granted (Adams 283). You and other women were unemployed and oppressed, and had no representation (Bradstreet 98, Adams 283). Today, however, most American women are employed and encouraged to contribute their opinions and ideas. In fact, we even earned the right to vote in the nineteenth amendment. You?ll find it quite strange seeing me drive freely throughout the city

everyday. I?ll take you around my town to all the places where women work. You?ll find these areas to be no different from the areas where men are employed. Ms. Adams, in your letter to your husband, you ask him ?[to] Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than [their] ancestors? (283). You?ll realize that women are less domesticated and tyrannized by men today than you and your fellow female friends were (Adams 283). When we go out to dinner, you?ll undoubtedly be shocked to see a man serving us food. As you?ll probably realize, America has established a woman?s equality in her humanity with men. Though people in my world cherish values unfamiliar to you, you?ll definitely come across those who prize the same precious gifts you did. To strengthen your

soul after the burning of your house, Ms. Bradstreet, you expressed your dependence on God by ?[blessing] His name that gave and took,? (101). As in your times, people today turn to God when they are in despair or even when they are in happiness. However, religious morals in your American world were much more valuable and important than they are today. Many individuals in my day tend to treasure expensive material possessions rather than the minimum necessities to survive (Bradstreet 101). After losing your house Ms. Bradstreet, you did not seem too concerned with your property that was destroyed when you wrote: ?Farewell, my pelf, farewell my store/?My hope and treasure lies above? (102). I?ll take you to my friends? houses, and you?ll absolutely be stunned to see the mansions

they reside in. Perhaps you?ll think many Americans today only struggle with work to flourish in earning more riches and wealth. Ms. Adams, in your letter to John Adams, you display a strong impression of women power and aggressive action. You proudly took a stand by saying, ?If perticuliar care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion?? (283). You?ll notice that women have continued to value this determination as you did to become as successful as any other American man. Through your writings, I observed the close relationship you have with your family. Family relations today are generally as strong as yours were but are more emphasized on keeping the family from separating. Throughout your journey, you?ll see how the changes in American

values have affected their lifestyles, attitudes, and outlooks on life. Building families during my times differ vastly than forming families the old American way. Anne, you will see many women in their 20s who are not yet married, unlike you marrying at the age of 14 (96). You and other old American families transferred homes several times in order to achieve better financial breaks and land. Likewise families today are constantly relocating homes for better job opportunities and lifestyles. Abagail, I know your parents carried doubts about your marriage to John Adams due to his lower than your own social and professional standing (282). I?ll introduce you to one of my closest friends, who has been restricted by her parents from marrying the man of her dreams only because he is