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murderer to be discovered. Q ueasiness was felt by some of the passengers on the boat ride to Indian Island, as the water was getting rough due to a squall coming up. The boat bounced around from wave to wave. Fred Narracott mentioned just before they got to the island that if it gets any rougher nobody would be able to reach the island by boat. R ich was the person who had bought the island. He would have to be, to be able to afford something which was worth a lot. Tony Marston thought at least with all that money they should be served good food and thirst quenching drinks. S tranded on the island due to a terrible squall which came up as soon as Fred Narracott got back to the mainland, everyone would have to wait until the sea was calmer and the waves were smaller. Not worried

about food or water, as there was enough on the island, they were worried about being murdered. T en little Indian glass figurines were in the centre of the table in the dining room. As each person was murdered one mysteriously disappeared from the table, even though the room was locked each night before everyone locked themselves in their rooms. U nderstanding the various reasons why they were asked to come to Indian Island, each guest had received a letter, but each letter only had a scribbled signature and no return address. V iolent were all the deaths, especially Tony Marston?s because he had a big chunk of concrete dropped on his head. Mr. Rogers? death was violent too, as he was hit in the back of the head with an axe. W hy was this happening to them, everyone on the

island was wondering. Who could hold such a big grudge against each one of these people to go to all this trouble to kill them. X -rays had to be used on three bodies by the coroner to determine the exact cause of death. Also poison tests were done on two bodies and gunshot tests on two more bodies. Y ounger than any of the other guests on the island, was Tony Marston. Emily Brent was the oldest, with everyone else being around the same age. Z oo, according to the poem “Ten Little Indians”, was were three little Indians went, a bear hugged one, and then there were two.