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was more than pretty. However, it is more than their young beauty that mesmerizes him. Sammy watches them and waits for their next move, bewildered by them. As he watches and recounts their every move, he makes it apparent that he feels a sort of connection with them. They are attractive young girls that he would rather be spending his time with than working at the A&P. He has illustrated his lack of respect for the majority of the shoppers in the store, and is intrigued by the way that the girls are able to jiggle them. It seems that he is feeling discontent with his surroundings but is unable to do anything about it, where as the girls are unknowingly doing it for him. When his manager says that he will feel this for the rest of (his) life , he recalls that although that is

true, it is worth it when he thinks of how when that pretty girl blushed made him so scrunchy inside . In conclusion, it is evident that the character of Sammy is developed through his personal interpretation of the setting around him. As Updike uses the characters to build the setting, Sammy begins to respond to their behaviors. Through the characters, Sammy sees pieces of his own personality reflected through their actions. He begins to see the contrast between what he sees in himself and who he wants to become.