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believe that she could actually have found someone who truely cares for her. therefore, that is why she needs to sleep with Michael right under Albert s nose and to have someone like the Chef see her. That way, she knows it is truely happening. Georgina s happiness disintegrates not long after she has found it. Albert finds out about the two lovers and vows to, as he put it, I ll kill him, and then I ll eat him! To escape from Albert s wrath Georgina and Michael hide in a truck full of rotten meat and flee to Michael’s book depository where they spend but a very short time in bliss. After Michael is Killed by Albert and his henchmen, Georgina decides it is time to get revenge. Along with the chef and the rest of the restaurant s staff, Albert finally gets what he deserves.

Under Georgina s instructions the chef cooks Michael and sends a formal invitation to Albert to come and have dinner. Once Albert is there, Georgina, Along with the staff, present s Michael, fully laid out on a platter, to Albert. Georgina pulls a gun on him and forces him to take a bite of her dead lover. Once he has, she shoots him in the head, calling him a cannibal . Thus freeing Georgina from Albert forever. The abuse that Georgina goes through is appalling. The amount of anguish she put up with is unbelievable. She seems to accept it, however, until it is no longer just her. In some way she may have even thought that she deserved the abuse she received. Michael, on the other hand did not deserve any abuse from Albert, so when Albert kills Michael, Georgina decides to fight

back. She finally does something about Albert s control of her life. Hell definitely hath no fury like Georgina scorned. 326