A Walk By The River Essay Research

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A Walk By The River Essay, Research Paper The sudden, swift, severe summer storm caught me totally unaware. I was walking down Old Salem Road when the clouds started to build. I looked around as I huddled under a large, dead oak tree. Almost all of the houses on this abandoned street were too badly damaged for me to take shelter in, except for one. The house loomed impressive and morbid in the greenish-black sky. A flash of lightning briefly illuminated the house. The windows were broken, but the superstructure seemed sound. I was becoming soaked as I pondered my dilemma. Should I stay under the tree and risk getting hit by lightning or should I go into that old house, not know who, or what, might be in there? The storm decided for me. Lightning hit the tree, filling the air

with the sent of scorched sap. I dashed onto the porch and pounded on the door. It was open. What was that? I thought, my heart in my mouth. I slowly turned around. I didn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean that there couldn’t be someone else in the house with me. It was a large house. I hesitated before I went into the living room. My lantern, my best friend at the moment, showed off ancient paintings of a red-haired man with angular features and a host of antiques. Over a marble fireplace, in the far side of the room, hung a silvery mirror with plump, little cherubs surrounding it. Crash.? I jumped and almost dropped the lantern. My heart stopped as I listened for another sound. The silence throbbed in my ears. I stood at the bottom of the staircase. The sounds had come

from upstairs. I swallowed my fears and climbed the stairs. On the second floor I found a bathroom so obsolete that it didn’t even have any running water. Since I didn’t have any business to do in there, I left it undisturbed. I found several bedrooms laden with cloth-covered antiques, moth-ridden clothes that might have been beautiful at one time, and tarnished jewellery. At the end of the second floor, I found yet another stair well. This one was dark and coated with lacy spider webs. It led to what must have been the children’s floor at one point. There was a play room that took up most of the space, along with two bedrooms with dainty furniture, and the nurse’s room. What I mistook for a closet at first was really a narrow flight of stairs that lead into the attic. A

giant rat scampered across my feet. Its beady eyes glowed red in the flicker in lantern light. It hissed at me. I screamed and dropped my lantern. Suddenly, I was plunged into utter darkness. I took several deep breaths to calm my trembling body and finished my trek up the stairs. Vivid flashes of lightning illuminated the attic. A vase lay in pieces in front of the broken window. Well, at least I know what caused the crash. I mused to myself. I found an old thread bare cloak. I had intended it used it to cover the broken window, but on my way there, I tripped over a large box. The trunk wasn’t locked, but age had rusted it shut. I gripped the top and pulled with all of my strength. The trunk protest, but finally gave in. Another rat jumped at my ankle. I yelled and lunged

forward. I hit something solid inside the trunk. Whatever I had hit, it didn’t feel like antiques or clothes. My hand wondered upward and found a large protruding….nose! I turned my head and gasped. A flash of lightning briefly seared the sky. The harsh light highlighted a wide mouth with vermilion lips, glowing canines, a nose, red curly hair and stern eyebrows. The man’s eyes were open and staring at me. Suddenly, the faint, acrid smell of wood smoke reached my nose. I felt something burning me. I pushed the man away and cried out. Fire felt like it was licking at me. I backed up against the far wall. The flames had already enveloped the man.? As a second flash of lighning suddenly blinded me in a flash, I blinked.? Opening my eyes quickly to maintain a view of the