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would have beaten me good for it, Mama this is how Charles start to tell everything to his mother, all what he field, how he felt less love and with less attention that GL s had If GL and I did something wrong, you d beat me first and then be too tired to beat him. At dinner, he d always get seconds and I wouldn t. You d do things with him, like ride in that buggy, but if I wanted you to do something with me, you were always too busy , with this words Charles had his ultimate boom, now Charles was free of that painful feeling that he had inside, he now was relief and secure, now that after 30 years he decided to tell everything to his mother. In this story the hero s journey is not finished, because Charles refuse to return, he refuse to make everything like it was before he left

home, even if his mother try to make him understand, you re about thirty years too late, Mama after this words Charles go to his bedroom, but this time Charles was different, now he was self confident and secure about himself, he was relief of all his hiding feelings, now Charles was a different person. In conclusion in this unfinished hero s journey Charles who separate from home at the age of fifteen, doesn t want to return 30 years later when he had the opportunity to for give his mother and forget everything and all his pain, finishing his hero s journey, but he doesn t want to do that, instead he just felt better telling to his mother everything, all his hiding feelings, that make him from now on, a different person, more confident and secure about himself.