A Visit To A Small Planet Essay

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A Visit To A Small Planet Essay, Research Paper You are savages , said Kreton, in the play A visit to a small planet. In the play, Kreton, a character who is from another time and dimension, did not seem to understand, or even recognize the morals and love that the people on earth had. Kreton only cared about entertaining himself by causing war and destruction. Because he liked it so much, Kreton could easily recognize violence when it came before him. Kreton thought that the people on Earth loved violence, because he saw them practicing it so much. Morals, and emotions were not understood by Kreton. Kreton did not do what was right, because he did not know of it. He thought the humans liked war, so he thought that was right and went along with it. Besides violence, Kreton

liked to talk about how primitive and uncivilized the people on earth were. Kreton showed no respect for the state of civilization of the people on Earth. Again, Kreton showed no sign of knowing right from wrong. He is morally retarded , said the visitor, who gives away the theme near the end of the play, which is exactly correct. At no point during the play does Kreton show any sign of knowing anything about morals or love. He overlooks the love of the Speldings and everything that they give him. Instead of showing thanks to the Speldings, Kreton does the opposite and tries to start a war. I believe that kreton’s care of only negative traits was both useful and destructive. Without even knowing, Kreton indirectly showed the characters of the play that they overused violence.

At the same time of showing something useful to the characters, Kreton insulted the characters about being primitive and uncivilized. I think the playwright of this play had many themes he wanted to show his audience. I think the first thing the playwright was trying to show was the over use of violence in the world today. No one uses their brain to solve problems, they just decide to use violence. The second thing the playwright is trying to show is how people continue to show less, and less understanding of morals. Children are brought up seeing laws broken every second of the day, so they think it is right.