A True Prediction By Ray Bradbury Essay

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A True Prediction By Ray Bradbury Essay, Research Paper “A robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of variety of tasks” (Veit). In Mr. Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, he made a prediction that in the future there would be robots that would help and assist humans. Mr. Bradburys prediction came true thanks to imaginations like his.Mr. Bradbury predicted that there would be a robot capable of moving, giving injections, and tracking. He named this robot the hound. Bradburys hound had nostrils, eight legs, rubber-padded paws and had a four-inch hollow steel needle for giving injections. This description of a robot is what people thought of

robots fifty years ago.When robots were first introduced in 1959, people had visions of human shaped mechanical creatures with lots of special accessories. Bradbury’s vision was a mechanical dog that had special accessories and abilities (which was basically the same idea but as a dog). Mr. Bradbury made his predictions in 1950’s, before the introduction of robots. Now days a robot is perceived as a machine in any shape or design that can physically interact with its surroundings (Wilson).The hound is a perfect example in definition of a robot. It can be programmed to certain smells, it can pickup objects, and can hold someone down while giving them a shot. Mr. Bradburys prediction of a robot was very advanced for his time. Back in the 1950s robots were almost non existent

the only thing like it was automated machines. Automated machines are similar to robots but can only perform one task a repeatedly number of times (Merlet). Humans use robots almost the same as in Fahrenheit 451. Robots are programmed to do complete and compexed tasks. The reason why robots are programmed to carryout complexed tasks is because what would the point of making a program for a robot to get you a glass of water when it takes you more tine to make the program than to get yourself a glass of water yourself. Mr. Bradbury thought that robots would be used more commonly and frequent. Today we do not have the technology to make a personal robot because of the complicated software and hardware needed to make the programs (Mark).Mr. Bradburys prediction is still ahead of our

time but robotics is rapidly improving. The technology of robotics has gone from a simple series of tasks to very complex and extraordinary tasks. Robotic physics is still trying to meet Mr. Bradburys predictions of a robot capable of fast programing and the idea of a common robot.