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conversation with any one of these genius writers? If I existed during that time frame, I am certain I would be an admirer then of their works. The only one thing I can think that I would miss of my own culture is our music. I love music. I think music is a great form of expression and it is a definite art form. Regardless of the music genres, everyone always find a way to admire music because they can use it to express feelings, emotions, and thoughts. For many, music has been an inspiration to them. It can touch and change the lives of many. Music is not only a form of expression, but it is also a key to the future. It brings forth new ways of art form and sets the social pace of a society. Music is the language of the world. It is everywhere. I honestly don’t know what I

would do without some of my music. I don’t think I would be able to go a day without listening to a good song. To close, to experience 13th century art, literature, and architecture would be flabbergasting as well as profound to experience. That ever-burdening question does no longer have to be a burden for me. I can proudly say what point in time I would like to visit—and all because of this class. Yes, I would indeed tremendously miss today’s music, but I think having to keep up with paintings, mass structures being built, and beautiful literature pieces being produced, would alone keep me interested. Bibliography Cunningham, Lawrence and John Reich. Culture And Values Harcourt and Brace Company, 1998.