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understood the message. He attempts to replace unorthodox religion with emotional experience. His joyful experience is found through beauty. He attempts to define this beauty in terms of a `nightingales song`, Pysche s love, nature s beauty in Autumn, and artificial beauty in art. He also questions this beauty in `melancholy . Referring back to the question `A thing of beauty is a joy forever`, I believe it was written in naive knowledge. As Keats realises that this is not the case. True, beauty brings joy, but beauty fades, as life fades. Hence the seasons change, the nightingale flees, love fades. But, new seasons bring new beauty, a new bird sings the same song, the historical stories of the urn hold the same emotions, frozen in time, immortal. Then does this suggest that

beauty is immortal too? The quote from` Endimyon` can be argued `forever`, as the critics decide numerous meanings and interpretations. Perhaps Keat s struggle within the poems wasn t fluctuations of emotions on his behalf, but a mocking challenge to us, to argue, re-define and question our emotions and our definement of beauty. Our forever is until we die, if we are not subordinated by melancholy towards our end, the joy of beauty for us, will last forever.