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A Taste Of Honey Essay, Research Paper A TASTE OF HONEY: ANOTHER TEENAGE MISTAKE Morals are defined as expressing or teaching a conception of either behaviour. Teaching moral values to a child are usually the responsibility of the parents. A parent influences a child at a young age, although as they mature they have the ability to accept or reject their traits. In the play, A Taste of Honey, author Shelegh Delaney illustrates the impact a parent has on a child, and how their decisions can affect the way in which they control their lives. Children are influenced by their parents and this is reflected in their behaviour, which is dependent on the morals instilled in them from birth. Relationships play a vast role in several people’s lives and can have a tremendous effect on

them. For example, in the play, A Taste of Honey, Helen, a single parent recently gets remarried to Peter, a young, rich, good looking man. This marriage has a tremendous impact on Helen’s daughter, Jo, and influences the decisions she makes throughout her life. Helen and Peter’s marriage was based on desires rather than the comfort of being loved. Helen had originally moved away from Peter with her daughter to “turn over a new leaf” (15) for herself. As Peter arrives at Helen and Jo’s flat he makes a proposal to Helen that she cannot refuse. He offers to marry her giving her a glamorous white house and all the money she desires. He claims that she cannot get any better than him because he is “young, good looking and well set up” (19). In spite of Helen’s

reluctance she marries Peter anyway solely for his money. Evidentially, their marriage does not elongate because the only reason Helen’s is interested in Peter is for his money and the only reason why Peter is interested in Helen is because she is a former prostitute. Coincidentally, Jo, Helen’s teenage daughter follows in her mother’s footsteps and ends up making the same mistakes she did. When Helen got married she left Jo to live in the flat by herself, because she believed Jo being eighteen years old that she was mature and responsible enough to take care of herself. However, when Jo meets Jimmie, a black sailor, he makes sexual advances towards Jo, which she cannot refuse. Jo does not understand the meaning of a true “relationship”. All she knows is what she has

learned from Helen. He proposes to marry Jo on the first day they meet and she accepts. Months pass and it is Christmas, Jimmie comes back and impregnates Jo and then vanishes and is never seen again. Jo claims that Helen cannot say anything harsh because she too got pregnant with Jo at the age of 18. Jo being afraid and lonely is befriended by a young homosexual named Geoff. He wants to help Jo through her pregnancy although Jo is reluctant because she feels he wants more. Geoff wants the baby and is ready to accept the responsibility of taking care of him/her. In order to do this he moves in with Jo and takes car eof her, anxiously awaiting the birth of the baby. As we can see, Helen’s relationship had a tremendous impact on the way Joe perceived relationships. Helen’s

influential behaviour caused Jo to make immoral decisions through the relationships she encountered. Pregnancy is also a huge factor that is very influential in a teenager’s life. In someone else’s eyes a baby is a bundle of joy. However, in reality, raising a child requires hard work and devotion. Raising a child also requires great independence. When Jo first gets pregnant it does not seem to be a great deal, although as she goes further into her pregnancy she begins to think differently. Jo now realises that she is in fact alone and that is when she becomes dependent on Geoff. For Jo states, “looking after a baby isn’t that nice, three months of exercise, constipation and four months of relaxation” (56). Jo is too young to understand the responsibilities of taking