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the better. Sydney Carton is really a courageous, loving man. The final main theme in the book is the idea of resurrection. Book one of A Tale is entitled ‘Recalled to Life’. This shows resurrection being a major theme. An example of this is Dr Manette’s resurrection after being in prison for nearly eighteen years of mental torment, and when he got out, he was asked the question, “you know that you are recalled to life” (pg 96). We know that he has been, as he no longer refers to himself as “105 North Tower” (pg 68). He is spiritually resurrected with his daughter when they first meet. Lucie forms a relationship with him, which gives Dr. Manette a sense of pride. “The Doctor was in his best condition, and looked especially young. The resemblance between him and

Lucie was very strong at such times, and as they sat side by side, she leaning on his shoulder, and he resting his arm on the back of her chair, it was very agreeable to trace the likeness” (pg 73). Throughout the novel, Dr. Manette has gone through several mentally tragic episodes. Every time he goes into a relapse, Lucie is the only one that can help him regain normalcy. Darnay also took a part in this theme of resurrection. Charles Darnay’s soul had been spiritually resurrected and saved from being killed. Due to being an Evr monde and for portraying his own family, he was tried and sentenced to death by the guillotine. Dr Manette tried to save Darnay many times, though Barsad would always seem to find a way to get him back to prison and succeeded in sentencing him to

death. When the final day of Darnay’s life came, it turned out a happy one for him, “The door was quickly opened and closed, and there stood before him face to face, quiet, intent, upon him, with the light of a smile on his features, and a cautionary finger on his lip, Sydney Carton” (p.379). Sydney Carton, who resembled Darnay very closely, exchanged places with him. Feigning illness, Darnay was thus snuck out of prison, and physically resurrected. Often when reading a book, the individual tends to draw parallels in the literature. One parallel often used is the difference between the beginning and ending of the book. A Tale of Two Cities began and ended with a journey. In the second chapter of the novel, Jarvis Lorry travels to recall Dr Manette to life. In the end of the

book, Sydney Carton is taken to his death, because of Defarge’s revenge. He saved his friends life. Lorry began with the theme of resurrection, and Carton finished off with the theme of sacrifice, dying because of revenge.