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and carrying out suitable tests.” (Galileo.html) Some of the events occurring in the world at this time include, the Inquisition forces Galileo to recant his belief in Copernican theory. (1633) The Taj Mahal was completed. (1643) The end of Ming Dynasty in China. (1644) End of the Thirty Years’ War. (1648) Great Plague in London kills 75,000. (1665) Great Fire of London. (1666) Pennsylvania founded by William Penn. (1682) William III of England defeats former king James II and Irish rebels at Battle of the Boyne in Ireland. (1690) (Infoplease.com) Francesco Redi stressed the importance of medicine based on Hippocratic principles, and he emphasized the importance of prevention based on a balanced diet and the use of exclusively natural remedies. (Galileo.html) He was also very

acquainted with his mother tongue, Italian, and knew many rare and obsolete terms. His knowledge was a great help in his work. He also invented his own version of the spectacles. (Gillespie 341) Francesco’s body was brought to Arezzo and buried in the Church of San Fancesco. At the beginning of the 19th century his body was moved to the Cathedral, where only a bust now remains in the right wall. His religion and philosophy was of the catholic faith, his religion helped him to devise the experiments that he made in order to disprove spontaneous generation and accredit the Bible. He gave many contributions to science and helped pave the way for modern science work. Francesco Redi spent a lifetime correcting a myth that otherwise, we might still believe today. His influences are

still with us today, because of him, we have a standard way of devising experiments, knowledge of how to make tourniquets, and we also have a whole field of toxicology that helps us today. Because of Francesco Redi, our knowledge and medicine are better off today then they would have been had he not made his experiments.