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A Story About Wwf Essay, Research Paper A story about WWF “Welcome everybody to Raw IS War ! Tonight s main event is Sting verses Shawn Michaels for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Before we begin, here is a little information on the challenger, Sting,” announced Vince McCann. “He hails from Death Valley, California. At 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds, he is the biggest wrestler in the WWF. He is the Man from the dark side ,” Jim Ross stated. “Ladies and Gentlemen….. here is your challenger…….. Sting!” The crowd cheers as Sting walks down the ramp. He is stopped at the bottom of the ramp to be interviewed by Gene Oakerland. “Sting, if I can ask you one question. Why do you want the title so badly?” ” Well Gene, ever since I was a child, the

championship belt has been held by disrespecting degenerates. I feel it s time for a real champion get the belt. That is why I m here, I m the people s cham…..” Before sting could finish his sentence he is attacked by HHH. HHH s partner distracted the referee long enough for him to deliver the devastating Piledriver . With Sting s head exposed, HHH drops to the ground and drives Sting s exposed head on the cement floor. The force was enough to break his neck. Sting was knocked out from the force of the impact. When he awoke, he was in an ambulance. “Where am I? Somebody please tell me where I am,” Sting pleaded. The paramedic treated him to calm down. “I can t move! I can t move” he would say. It took about half an hour to Sharp Hospital. Two doctors were waiting for

him when he arrived. The immediately took him to the operating room. It was here that Sting found out that he had suffered a broken spine. The doctor ordered an experimental operation. It was a highly dangerous operation. One mess up could kill the superstar. It took five hours to complete the difficult operation. Sting was wheeled into his private room. To make him feel more at home, the room was decorated with WWF merchandise. When Sting woke up, he had a sharp pain in his neck. The doctor gave him some medicine to help. It worked a little bit. About three hours after he woke up, a doctor came in and told him that he probably never be able to wrestle again. Sting heart sunk. He didn t want to hear that. It was about seven in the morning when Sting went to sleep. It had been

nearly ten hours since he arrived at the hospital. For the first two months, all he did was sleep. The medicine they were giving him making him very sleepy. When he was awake, he would move his hand a little. The slight movement of his hands made the doctors extremely happy. They now were sure that he wasn t paralyzed. It took him another fours months before he could move his arm perfectly. With the confidence he had gained, he tried to walk out of bed. As soon as he was off the bed, he feel flat on his face. Sting was soon transferred to the San Diego Rehabilitation Center . For the first few months, he would just sit in bed thinking of ways to get back HHH. One Sunday, he happened to watch church on t.v. He saw a man who claimed that God cured him of paralysis. Sting started to

pray immediately. “Dear Lord, It s me Sting. I know you are really busy and all but if you could, I would really like to wrestle again. Amen.” Sting recited this prayer for the next two weeks. On the fifteenth day, he tried to move his feet