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the leg to get the full motion. Just take the little steps good enough to get you around the corner. Once these basic steps have been mastered, here are a few advanced steps for challenging your self. An improvement to our basic forward motion is the speed crouch. The speed crouch is an extension to the forward motion of in-line skating. To do the speed crouch, you must begin with the forward motion. When starting with your left foot, push off with your left and lead with right extending you left foot all the way out providing the most momentum. During this motion, bend your body forward to decrease wind resistance, while swinging your left hand all almost parallel to your chest with your right hand behind your back. Alternating this motion will allow you to make use of all of

your momentum and propel up to maximum speed. The crossover move is an exhilarating version of the side step. The cross over can be accomplished if you have proper balance and a tolerance to falls. Falling during the crossover is very common, minimized only by practice and determination. To do the cross over you need to pick up some speed. Once you have gathered enough speed, and desire to turn left, place your right foot in front of your left foot. This will allow you to pick up your left foot and bring in front of your right foot causing your body to lean into the turn. Doing the crossover will allow you to turn with more speed and efficiency then turning with the side step. Practicing these steps will enable you to enjoy skating alone and with others. Now that you are equipped

with this desirable skill, you can practice it all the time and even venture into different branches of the sport such as off-road skating, aggressive skating and speed skating, perhaps the topic of my next essay.