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A Simple Plan Essay, Research Paper The book all starts when three men, Hank, Jacob, and Lou they are driving and to avoid a fox they end up running into a fence. They got out to hunt the fox but then while looking for it, they find a plane in the nature preserve. So Hank goes inside and finds a dead pilot and a bag full of money, four point eight million dollars. After they find it they agree to wait to see if anyone is looking for it and they will wait to split it up three ways in the spring when the plane would be discovered. The next day Hank and Jacob go back to put five hundred thousand back in the plane, to look like he had not been robbed, but then Dwight Pederson came on his snowmobile and was about to find the plane so Jacob beat him up. He thought he killed

Pederson but he hadn’t so when they went to make it look like an accident Hank had to finish him off and then throw him in the river. They end up getting away with it and everybody thought it was just an accident. After a while Lou starts to get anxious for the money and he threatens Hank that if he does not give him the share of the money then he was going to turn Jacob and him in for killing Pederson. So then Hank and Jacob set up Lou and made it look like he killed Pederson, and they said you wait till spring for his share and the tape would not be released. Then Lou flipped and got his shotgun and was going to kill Hank if he did not give him the tape, so he was about to shoot Hank and Jacob killed Lou with his rifle. Then Nancy came down and thought they did it on purpose

and she got her gun and went to kill Hank so Hank shot her with Lou’s shotgun. Then he went to Sonny Major’s house and told him to go to Lou’s house quick and when he did they undressed him and shot him upstairs with Nancy. Jacob was starting to freak out and wanted to tell the truth so Hank could not take the risk so he killed him. When the cops arrived Hank had made it look like Lou came home drunk and found Nancy and Sonny sleeping together so he killed both of them and then on his way down, Hank and Jacob had come back when they heard the gunshots, and Lou shot Jacob and Hank killed Lou in self-defense. They went through all of this trouble just to keep the money and at the end they find out it was from a kidnapping and that the FBI had written down twenty percent of

the bills serial numbers, so Hank and Sarah would never know which ones were safe so they burned all of the money. They also ended up having two children but there first born drowned in a pool but was revived. She would never be the same though she had suffered severe brain damage. Bibliography A Simple Plan Author:Scott Smith