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A Seperate Peace Essay, Research Paper Literary Analysis for ?A Separate Peace? By John Knowles  Self Reflection- Last week I was driving around Redlands with a friend. We were headed to a park but got off on the wrong off ramp. We decided to find the park by using the back streets. We ended up going by my old school. I had gone to that school in 1st grade and ? of 3rd grade. It was my favorite school I had ever gone to. When we approached the school I began to be rushed with memories of the time I had spent in the school. The bus rides, the classrooms, the teachers,, my best friend Sheena and the chasing games I had with Jessie. I loved those times, and I cherished them longingly as we went by, it was such a carefree time. Oh and by the way? we made it to the park  

Literary Terms- There was three literary terms I had noticed in this book as I read through. They were Allusion, Antithesis and Antanagoge. The meanings of these three terms are;  Allusion- A casual and brief reference to a famous historical (could be referring to the war, even though it wasn?t historical exactly, yet) or literally figure or event (WWII).  Antithesis- establish a clear contrasting relationship between 2 ideas and/or people (Finny and Gene) by joining them together or juxtaposing them. Human beings are systematic and catorgorize so the mind as a natural love for antithesis which creates a definite and systematic relationship between ideas.  Antanagoge- placing a good point or benefit next to a fault criticism or problem in order to reduce the impact or

significance of the negative point. How these points were used I will explain. First off Allusion. Allusion is used when referring to the WWII, and when the characters in the story state that the weather is sure like the war, comparing its circumstances happening to the war and comparing them with what they experiencing [cold weather (dark and gray) ] and things like that. OK now second of all, Antangoge. When Finny yells at Gene or when he is upset at Gene for making him fall off the tree he always reduces the impact of his bad deed by always saying he was still his best friend and that he was always a good friend (except when he was pushing him out of the tree of course). Now for the 3rd term; Antithesis. It is used when Finny forgives Gene over the night he had broken his leg

for the 2nd time, because the next morning you?d except that Finny would still be angered At Gene for doing something that horrible. But the next morning Finny was calm and forgave Gene. Finny and Genes friendship was also an antithesis. They were opposites made into good friends. Gene was the intellectual who got good grades and Finny was an average school guy who was Mr. athletic. They are antithesis?s because they got along despite their opposites, they are the true meaning of when people say ?Opposites Attract?.  Flashback- The whole story was basically a flashback because in the beginning Gene is older and goes back to Devon. He there reminisces and flashes back to his days at Devon which is most of the story. Another point when there is a flashback is when Gene is being

accused of pushing Finny off of the tree, It forces Finny, Gene and Leper to recall the event and flashback to what had really happened that afternoon. The whole general Flashback of Gene, of his earlier days at Devon represented that Devon was a part of what made Gene the guy he was now, it also showed that he still had not overcome those days, and by coming back, it was his release of the feelings he had kept in for so long.  Point Of View- The narrative method of this story was first person main character. The author probably chose Gene to be the narrator because he was the one who had the guilt trip and had everything going on in his mind, and he could be the one who flashes back because Finny couldn?t, because he was not around any longer? Also I believe that the author