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A Seperate Peace Essay, Research Paper In the novel “A Separate Peace,” by John Knowles, a man named Gene visits his high school 15 years after graduating in an attempt to find an inner peace with himself. While attending Devon, his high school, during World War Two, Gene’s roommate and best friend Phineas died partially because of an accident involving Gene. Phineas, otherwise known as Finny, was one of the more popular and athletic boys in school. He was a brave, cunning, attractive guy that had total trust in his best friend Gene. On the other hand, Gene was a lonely, self-sufficient intellectual. The two became great friends, but Finny is eventually led down a trail of betrayal, deceit, and jealousy by his best friend. Gene couldn’t imagine that a person of

Finny’s stature would want to be his best friend. Gene envied Finny for all that Gene believed Finny to be. His envy grew to a point where he was subconsciously willing to injure Finny for being the great athlete that he happened to be. To Finny’s dismay, Gene succeeded in injuring his leg, shattering it in multiple places. Finny’s perfection was the basis for Gene’s resentment towards him. Gene envied everything that Finny did. Finny seemed to be so perfect to Gene. Finny was so confident that he didn’t care what others thought about his appearance. One example was when Finny wore a pink shirt as an emblem of the bombing of central Europe. Gene told Finny, “‘ …Pink! It makes you look like a fairy!” “Does it?’” he replied. “He used this preoccupied tone

when he was thinking of something more interesting than what you had said,” commented Gene. Another example of this occurred when Finny and Gene were at the school swimming pool when Finny happened to notice that a boy named A. Hopkins Parker held the school record for the 100 yard free style. Finny realized that A. Hopkins Parker had graduated a few years before he and Gene had even been to Devon. After acknowledging this he remarked, “I have a feeling I can swim faster than A. Hopkins Parker.” He blew away Parker’s time. Gene envied Finny due to the fact that he had broken a school record without any formal training. Gene could only respond “You’re too good to be true.” Gene and Finny started a Super Suicide Society. The society was formed in the summer of 1942.

The society met every night, and the meeting of this society was always opened with a jump from both Finny and Gene out of an immense tree that hung out over a nearby river. It was quite a large jump to be able to clear the branch and be able to hit the river. After several weeks, Finny came up with the idea that they could do a double jump, that is they both were to jump out of the tree at the same time. They proceeded to climb the tree. When they got to the branch that they always jumped from Gene’s “…knees bent and… bounced the limb.” Finny fell to the ground and shattered his leg upon impact. As a result, Finny’s sport’s career at Devon forever ceased. When Gene had fully realized this he became depressed realizing that he was the cause of ending his roommate

and best friend’s ability to play sports. Gene eventually had to go to Finny and tell him the truth about causing the fall. However, when he got to him it was Finny who apologized, saying, “I’m sorry about that, Gene.” Phineas was sorry that he had the feeling that Gene actually caused him to fall. Finny believed strongly that a true friend would never knock his friend out of a tree. Finny was a great person and one of his best qualities was his ability to forgive. Gene and Finny became friends instantly after Finny was able to return to school. All was well until the boy in the room across the hall started having suspicious that Finny didn’t accidentally fall out of the tree without a little bit of Phineas’ help. He wound up dragging Gene and Phineas out of bed and