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satisfied with himself, and moves with perfect coordination. "I thought I was going to do it. It felt as though I had a stop watch in my head and I could hear myself going just a bit faster than A. Hopkins Parker." (917). Finny does things that no one ever thinks to do, such as coming up with “Blitz Ball." (913-914). He made up the rules as he went along. He likes to be in complete control of everything. He likes to be the best that he can. He likes being in difficult situations to see if he can get out of it, showing his ability to express himself. Finny, one day wears his school tie as a belt, but he easily solves of this problem by explaining that he did it to show the link between Devon and the war. (909-910). Finny, a natural person who shows himself to

being incapable of doing something mean or ugly, has no trouble expressing his emotions openly. He responds to life with natural emotions and everything comes easy to him (except studying). He does not have emotions such as envy for people or jealousy. Gene, on the other hand, is jealous of Finny?s abilities. To appease his jealousy, Gene pushes Finny out of the tree, which eventually winds up in Finny?s death. Difference has led to hate, once more, and pain, both emotionally and physically has again resulted, first mentally and emotionally, then finally physically; however, this time it is no longer just pain, but death that has resulted. The differences of Gene and Finny are vast, and their combination has lead Finny?s death, because they could not work out their problems with

each other. If not only Gene, but also all of humankind would work out his or her differences, so many saved lives can result, and much of the extreme hate will cool down, and be under control. Work Cited 1. Knowles, John. A Separate Peace. Elements of Literature: Fourth Course. Austin: Holt, Rinehert, 1993. 901-982.