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that choice. He wants to hold on to the other possibility, but knows this cannot be possible. His choice becomes the road taken; therefore, the choice he did not make becomes “The Road Not Taken.” It appears that the last stanza is written long after he makes his decision. He looks back and regrets his decision, “I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence.”(16) He again makes an excuse why he chose this particular road as he “took the one less traveled by” even though; in line he admits that both roads are really the same. The speaker seems to be content with his choice, yet he tells it with a sigh. He is resolving himself to the fact that even when “ages and ages” pass, he will still wonder what if he had taken the other road. He will

regret being unable to go back and travel down the road he did not take. It was the path that he chose “that has made all the difference” that makes him who he become and to live his life the way he lives; however, with only one regret that he could not travel both paths in his life. The title of this poem “The Road Not Taken” refers to the choice speaker did not make. All people make mistakes, but we must move on and learn from them so we will not make the same mistakes again. This poem is about choices because of our inability to travel on both paths at once in one lifetime. The speaker made his difficult decision to travel on this road and change his life. Each choice that we make plays out differently in our lives. We can look back and wonder what would have happened

if we choose differently. Each choice affects who we are, and one choice in life can change everything.