A River Runs Through It

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A River Runs Through It– An Essay For, Essay, Research Paper A River Runs Through IT This family is strong and close. The sense of interdependence is very great in this family. One member’s feelings affect the rest. For example, when Norman was frustratated with his father’s teachings early in the movie, Paul felt this because he wanted to go fishing with his brother, but could not because Norman had not finished his work for the day. This family was also whole in a sense that every member had their own personal role to act in order for the family to be balanced and work out correctly. When Norman left for college, the family drifted apart and Paul left is a prime example. This family has its own self-regulation. It is a mixture of God’s teachings, the parent’s

teachings and common sense. Some of the father’s teachings came from fishing, as well. The two boys seemed to have a slight problem with this in their earlier years, but I believe they grew out of it later. I also feel that this family is very open. Every member felt another’s pain, joy, sadness, and any other feeling. This family had a great love and understanding for each other. This family tried to comfort each other and help each other with their problems. One of the family’s most open times is when the father and sons go fishing. The family’s patterns of communication came in many different forms. Such as the fishing, the church, the dinner table, and the father’s office. The father was very strict and stern in his communication and the mother was soft and smooth

while the two boys often varied. The boys, I feel, felt a great deal for each other. They had great personality differences. Both of them being bright and active, but Paul is the rebel and wild one, while Norman took on the elder role real well and was always obedient. They would do any thing for each other and had unconditional love. I feel that both of them respected their parent’s a great deal, but Paul tried not to show it. Overall, this family was very close and interesting. The two boys enjoyed themselves growing and were raised in a great, loving home. All the factors mentioned throughout this essay have had an affect on how this family live and turned out.