A Ribbon Of Dreams Essay Research Paper

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A Ribbon Of Dreams Essay, Research Paper A film is a ribbon of dreams. The camera is much more than a recording apparatus; it is a medium via which messages reach us from another world that is not ours and that brings us to the heart of a great secret. Here magic begins. Orson Welles Stan Goodspeed cringes as he thrusts the long needle into his racing heart. While he convulses on the pavement, he feels the thunder of F-17s. The command leader s words echo in Goodspeed s head, When all rockets are neutralized, launch green flares. Grasping the ends of the flares, Goodspeed ignites the flares. Green smoke! I see green smoke! screams the watchman on the radio. Paxton lunges for the phone in panic yelling, Abort! Abort! The Rock The dreamy look on Maggie Rice s face turns to

fright as she sees a truck carrying lumber turning into her path. The driver exits the cab, lights flares, signals on his radio, and runs for help. Shock overcomes Maggie. As if he heard Maggie s bike hit the logs on the truck, Seth comes rushing to care for Maggie. Seth begs, Don t look at them, Maggie. You keep looking at me. Maggie seems to look through Seth. In a moment, all the energy leaves Maggie s body. City of Angels You re already heroes, just sit back and enjoy the ride, says Dan Truman over the radio. The sweat-soaked backs of the crew press hard against the seats as truckloads of fuel push them off the planet earth. Armageddon God damn it! Maverick s disengaging! curses Slider. Talk to me, Goose, begs Maverick, squeezing the sweat out of his eyes as he clutches Goose

s ID tags, envisioning his dead friend. Goose s spirit gives strength, and Pete Mitchell pulls the control handle. Maverick s re-engaging, sir! Admiral T.J. Cassidy takes a short, powerful drag on his cigar, exhaling a short breath. The computer in Maverick s jet changes tone and, at the push of a button, a missile launches. A Koosh ball of fire fills the eternal blue sky, and only one mig disrupts the harmony of two US jets. The mig is behind Maverick, who lures it closer. In a split second, Maverick s jet lurches upward, slows, and pulls back down. The mig is now in Maverick s crosshares. Again a tone, again a missile launches. The carrier is informed of the status as the jets prepare for a victorious ride home. Top Gun Film it s the stuff dreams are made of The Maltese Falcon