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disobedience or mistake a member is supposed to cut off one of their finger digits. While steps are being taken to remove Yakuza influence from Japan, There is still a lot of work to be done. Cultural Universals: Food in Japan has reached high levels. It s very important in how the food is cooked and prepared. A lot of times food is bought fresh in the morning and served for dinner that same day. This gives the food an exquisite taste that can be dulled by the preserving and canning processes used in most countries today. The serving of a meal could be placed on only one plate, but in Japan it is often portrayed on an assortment of beautifully crafted bowls on platters often with ornamental pieces of flowers or bamboo. This gives a sense of grander to the food and is lovely to

behold. Weapons made in Japan serve not only for martial use, but also for spiritual purposes. The crafting of the Japanese long sword, Katana, is an art that takes some a lifetime to master. These crafters are honored for their works of art. It is no wonder that these stunning weapons are passed down from one generation to the next as one of the most treasured heirlooms belonging to a family. These swords, which are centuries old, are as strong as the most finely tempered steel of the modern world. Culture Specialties: Performance is a way of storytelling, and in Japan they have created several unique styles of theatre. One of these styles of theatre is called, Bunraku . Its unique not because of the brilliant actors on stage, but by the fact that its all played out by puppets

up to half human size controlled by three puppeteers. Each and every individual puppet is a work of art that takes months of time and effort to create. Joined with these puppets is the transient music played during a Bunraku performance and the gripping storylines, makes Bunraku something that all theatergoers should have the chance to experience. BIBLIOGRAPHY Japan for Starters: 52 Things You Need to Know About Japan. by Charles Danziger Published by Kodansho America, Inc. Discover Japan Volume 1: Words, Customs, and Concepts. Published by Harper & Row. Discover Japan Volume 2: Words, Customs, and Concepts. Published by Harper & Row.