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seeing that happen to that boy, she decided to commit herself to become a doctor so she can help people. Her family does not understand this though because she wants so many things, her brother thinks that this is just a temporary thing and she is just wasting money. Mama says “Lord, child, don’t you know what to do with yourself? How long it going to be before you get tired of this now, like you tired of that little play-acting group you joined last year? . Why you got to flit so from one thing to another ” Mama is telling Beneatha that she can never make up her mind. Beneatha finally says “I am going to be a doctor and everybody around here better understand that!” Beneatha says this to let them know that she is going to become a doctor. Each member of the Younger

family has a dream, be it Mama and Ruth’s; for a better life, Walter’s; to be rich, or Beneatha’s; to become a doctor. Their dreams are what they live for. Some of them are unanswered and will remain that way, while others will be fulfilled. The Youngers are a fictional family, but they are very similar to many real families and their dreams. No matter who you are in the world you have a dream, it may never come true, but it is still there and will always be there.