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Walter makes amends between himself and his family by telling Mr. Lindner, We have decided to move into our house because my father my father he earned it for us brick by brick. We don t want to make no trouble for nobody or fight no causes, we will try to be good neighbors. And that s all we got to say about that. We don t want your money. (148) Walter is saying that it is their house. They are going to live in it, and have earned the right to live wherever they please. Another thing that Walter learns through this ordeal is that he should think about how his actions can contribute to the pain of the people he loves, and not to think solely about the outcome concerning himself, but the outcome concerning others as well. The third and final example of how a person should always

think about family members before themselves is the way Mama is always doing thing to make her family s life less stressful. Mama is always trying to help out the family whenever she can. Walter even gets upset about this, saying, Mama, every time we need a new pair of curtains and I have to watch you go out and work in somebody s kitchen (71). Walter is saying that whenever the family needs things they cannot afford, Mama goes out and cleans other people kitchens, even though she is in her early sixties and has worked all her life. Another way that Mama puts her family before herself is when she gets the insurance money. Although it is Mama s money, she still uses it to buy the family a new house so that Travis would have a better place to grow up. Mama could have spent that

money on something she wanted, but instead bought something that would make the whole family happy. After she buys their new house, Mama gives Beneatha $3000 dollars towards college and gives Walter $3500 dollars to better his future. Mama has given all of the insurance money to the people she cares about, and kept none of it for herself. She thought about her children s future and decided to invest the money towards a better life for them. This is a very unselfish act on Mama s part, a perfect example of putting family before oneself. Although sometimes people can get wrapped up in events that they feel only concern themselves, they should always take a moment to think about how their actions could be affecting the people they love. Friends will always come and go, but family is

forever. If a person wants to stay close to their family, they have to consider things from both theirs and the other person s points of view. For love, people have to sacrifice things that they might not want to, but they have to love their families enough to help them before they help themselves.