A Quest For Expression Essay Research Paper

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A Quest For Expression Essay, Research Paper A Quest forExpressionBy Vera ChernomordikThe Gods GiftBook 1 So long it has been since my first teaching to be a minstrel. The 7 days flew into months, and the months, swiftly as an eagle in Flight on the wind, turned into years. And now, in a fortnight time, I am to have my greatest concert in front of the kings Of Brook s Line and the gods; and the winds shall blow in harmony for my glory. How tedious the journey has been. Many a time I had vouched to quit for all the restOf my days. Many a time had considered a better profession at hand. But as the gods may will me to breath and sleep, they also willed me to play on those grand black and white keys. How frustrating it has been, when all my family has only understood the song and

rhyme, and did not imagine the passion I had.When I heard the great Bach play in chords that perplexed the ear, my Dear mother only cringed, while I, smiled with the comprehension ofThe enigma set for the minds hearing. I had only begun when my fire for running fingers began, and wished only that I would someday be able to fly over those keys, barely touching, a feather caressing a child s cheek, and let the beautiful fast tones flow. That day would not come soon enough, so I tripped over myself rushing to that masterful stage and the winds blew in disarray, sour and unwanted. All that kept my love alive was Ludemila, the teacher with the gift of music for the soul, and the healing voice she used when I was a scared land-bound mouse that wanted to swim like a mermaid. She would

walk in the door with the grace of an Emperor Penguin. And there would start my teaching of how to live life, and read The language of chanting stars. Sweet bliss of BeginningsBook 2 Ludemila the Empress Penguin said, Sit, play, and spare my ears of the horrid mess you did not fix from the time before, and time before that! How I love you child, how you humor me with un-kept promises; try your hardest now, show that you love me as well as the music you requested. I stared at her, wide eyed, and dry mouthed, dumbfounded withHer understanding, sickened with my knowledge that I had not the Ability to play adequately enough to please Ludemila with my efforts. I was Ashamed, and Ludemila was ashamed, but she forgave, and I tried harder. The Penguin-Ludemila said And how was your day?

I was stopped mid-measure, my hands cradled in her thin short fingers, pressured slightly with her cupped hands to leave them there. Smiling relief, blushing embarrassment, I then continued to complain of my un-understanding dame And strict sire and she pitied me. With this we went on with our happy medium of music and melodrama, smiling; genuinely happy.For we enjoyed each other s company as much as the music that brought us together. Awakening from a DreamBook 3I sit down, with a sigh to accompany my reminisce, to repeat my repetior; my baby grand, a shining fortress holding within It the essence of both Ludemila s and my soul. The windows are open and the nourishing wind is willing me to play the D minor chords soft and strong. I begin to play, eyes closed, heart open, and my

skin covered with goose bumps, every strand of my hair reaching out to That Which Watched pleading to feel what I hear. I begin to stroke the keysAnd the strings hum with excitement, and I hum with the energy flowing within me to give birth to another child of the night sky s serenade. The wind sang with me, and the birds listened and learned the Notes, whistling with care not to disrupt the harmony That was being created. The sun hid; for fear that it would be drawn Too close with the alluring sound, to the earth. The clouds gathered over my pavilion to absorb the music; so that when it came time to let the raindrops plummet to the ground, they would hit the roof tops with the hollowed notes of my creation. All this I saw and felt, with my closed eyes, and open heart. And then,