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American Heart Association will be present to disseminate information to the public. This event will bring a lot of publicity for the egg and further inform the public through the festivities. *World Wide Web – Using the already existing American Egg Board website, a link will be added to provide information regarding the Eggs-ellent Eggs Campaign. Due to the target audiences regular use of the Internet, a website offering information on egg nutrition is believe to support the Public Relations objectives. *1-800-EAT-Eggs – A toll-free number offering additional information and the opportunity to request a free information pamphlets of Egg facts and various information. *Promotional material – These items is expected to increase the visibility of the Eggs-cellent Eggs

Campaign, such as postcards, T-shirts, caps, and refrigerator magnets. Communication Vehicles: The Egg Board will use a number of communication vehicles to achieve its public relations. Among the public relations tactics the Egg Board will employ are included: Press kits — (which contains news release, background information, a fact sheet, and a VNR). Press Kits will be sent to school nutritionist, food, health, and lifestyle editors of magazine and newspapers, Food, health, and lifestyle producer of television stations, gyms, food, health, and lifestyle editors of online publications. News releases — to keep the media informed of the latest news in health and nutrition, e.g., information on good and bad cholesterol, trends in eating, and to inform the media of up and coming

events. Each news release will be special to the targeted vehicle. VNR (Video New Release) — The American Egg Board will produce a VNR that includes general to specific information on eggs. Such as nutritional facts, health benefits and research to portray eggs in a positive way. PSA (Public Service Announcement) — The American Egg Board will produce two PSA (TV. 30 sec & Radio 60 sec ) that includes general to specific information on eggs. Such as nutritional facts, health benefits and research to portray eggs in a positive way. Evaluation: The Public Relations plan will be closely monitored and evaluated to ensure the effectiveness of the Public Relations program. The evaluation methods includes: surveys (e.g., survey following the special event and at the end of the

campaign), sales and content analysis. Analysis of media clippings and post surveys will detect any change in perception of the egg and any change in eating or nutritional habits. The number of website visitors and toll-free callers will be a quantifiable determinant of reach. The number of request for information will show the demand for information on egg nutrition, egg recipes and health advice. Monitoring a change in the U.S. per capita consumption of eggs will determine the success of the campaign. Estimated Campaign Expenses Promotional Pamphlets $50,000 School Program $24,500 POP Promotion $3,120 Health Clubs $31,2000 Editor’s Menu $15,000 Menu Updates $11,000 Communication Tools Press kit $5,000 VNR $65,000 PSA $75,000 Spokesperson $180,000 Eggmunch $75,000 Evaluation

Cost Total Cost $499,420 Notes to the Estimated Campaign Expenses: 1. Pamphlets – 500,000 will be printed at a cost of $.10 per pamphlet 2. School Program – this includes 1-million handouts (cost: $.01 each), 30,000 posters (cost: $.15), and 5,000 nutrition guides for educators ($2 per guide). 3. POP Advertising – this includes a POP display in major supermarkets through the US for an average of 200 per state 10,400 total ($.15 per display) 4. Health Clubs – 5,200 top/popular health (Average 100 per state), (cost: $6 per package including shipping cost) 5. Editor’s menu & binder – 200 produced (cost: $10,000 preproduction, and $6 per copy including shipping cost) 6. Menu Updates – two planed estimated cost: $5,000 preproduction and $5 per update including

shipping cost. 7. Press Kit – includes slides, pictures, eggmunch invitation, news release, fact sheet, T-shirt, VNR (note 8). 8. VNR (Video News Release) – production cost: $55,000, copies are $5 each. 9. PSA (Public Service Announcement) – production cost: TV. $50,000 copies are $5 each; Radio cost $10,000 copies are $3 each. 10. Spokesperson – $130,000 salary for 12 months and $50,000 for travel and related expenses. 11. Eggmunch (special event) – cost includes park permit/usage fee ($10,000), staff of 25 (5 workshop leaders at $200, 5 cooks at $200, and 15 helpers at $100); PA system and DJ $5,000, rental items, food ($15,000), and promotional items: spatulas, T-shirts and refrigerator magnets. Accomadation for up to 1,000 persons. Media List Consumer Magazine