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foods. Both the male and female audiences are technologically and media savvy, follow current trends. Another interesting fact is that many of these people are involved with their careers, therefore lessening the time for cooking and food preparation, especially in the morning. A majority of this public lives in metropolitan area. Women aged 35 – 64 are also a public that must be targeted. They are usually the key decision makers in their homes, in terms of nutrition and diet for all members of the household Though, the total egg consumption of the average U.S. household may not have drastically decreased in past years. It is essential this audience become well informed, considering the vital role they may play in a large portion of households in the U.S. Men ages 35 -64 are

also an important public because of their increased interest in health and fitness. Another important audience involved is the media. This group consists of food, lifestyle and health editors of major publications (newspapers and magazines). They are vital to the success of the campaign because it is through them that all the information is disseminated and ultimately reaches the general public. Also, the aforementioned consumers rely strongly on magazines for their nutritional information. Schoolchildren, as the future consumers of America, are another important public. They play an influential role in the buying behavior of individuals in the home and often educate the older publics in the home. The public aged 6-17, should be informed about good health and nutrition. Good

health is an important issue to emphasize on the younger generation, especially in today’s society where the age of children who are conscious of their weight and looks is becoming much younger. This concern with weight may unfortunately bring about unhealthy eating habits, which is something that needs to be avoided and prevented. It is important to note that the promotion to this public will be done in an educational capacity, and will be accomplished with the assistance of school officials. The 65 plus audience is a minor public for this campaign. Although they are not an audience that the campaign is directly targeting, the 65 plus audience can nonetheless benefit from the information they receive from it. They consume a smaller amount of eggs and more egg substitutes due

to health concerns, yet should be a target audience to educate the facts of cholesterol and eggs. Research: Primary and secondary research was conducted to identify the campaign’s target audience and their eating habits. Primary research such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups identify the ultimate concern of the publics regarding health, cholesterol and eggs. The current misconception of the egg and the methods to change the perception would be established through primary research. Secondary research from databases, references, previous and recent experiments, and the Internet aid the campaigns ability to deliver the appropriate and factual messages. Primary research revealed 35% of the surveyed target audience did not eat eggs at all. Majority of the respondents ate

cereal, breads, or fruit for breakfast. The targeted public, whom consumed eggs, ate both the egg whites and the egg yolk. Surveyors perceived eggs to be one of the foods to contain the highest amount of cholesterol. In actuality, eggs was one of the foods that contained the least amount of cholesterol in comparison to the foods listed in the survey (see appendix for sample survey). Los Angeles was selected as the prime city to hold the campaign’s special event, due to it’s locality and demographic and psychographic profile. According to Simmons Market Research California is ranked 2nd in the leading production and consumption of eggs. Los Angeles is among the top ten cities in the United States to be a city concerned with improving health and interested in health and natural

foods according to The Lifestyle Profiles Analyst, 1997. Key Message: Eggs are high in nutrients and contain a broad range of vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories and saturated fats, making them an essential part of a well balanced or complete diet. Creative tag-lines / slogans are included: + “Eat Eggs they’re good for you” + “Eggs-cellent Eggs” Actions: The Eggs-ellent Eggs Campaign will begin promptly after New Year’s, catching the attention of the many Americans who begin the year with New Year’s resolutions, many of which have to do with weight and health. The campaign will deliver the message of eggs being nutritious, low in fat and delicious. Various actions will be taken to achieve the Public Relations objectives, namely the following: