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A Perfect God Essay, Research Paper I believe in an all mighty, all knowing creator. It is easiest to comprehend this being as a man or other human like form, but I do not believe this to be the case. God is perfect. God is perfect because he created perfection. This leaves only two options; 1. Everything is perfect because God created it. 2. Every thing is imperfect in comparison to God. Man is far from perfect, and is in fact the most imperfect being in Gods kingdom. Man is the only living creature capable of intentional sin, by this I mean no other creature on the earth is capable of committing acts and understanding that they are wrong, but rather they commit them as an act of instinct rather than reason like the sins of man. When man commits an act of evil ( in the

majority of cases ) he knows very well that he is acting against Gods wishes, and since we are the most intelligent of species ( in a rational sense ) it can be said that these sins are of an intentional type, and that we are the least Godliness of all creatures, yet we are the only species that comprehend a God. So how can it be true that a God exists? Man is only a small percentage of all the creatures or ?gods children? that exist on this earth and yet we are the only ones that understand the idea of an all knowing creator. By all laws of democracy God does not exist, it is a good thing he does not have to run for office every 4 years. All though God is not comprehended rationally by the majority of his creations (all non humans), the majority of his creations are those who

act in the most pious of fashions. Can it be that these actions are led by the truest of all faiths, allthough this faith in God is not even recognized by those who the acts belong to? If all those who believe and understand rationally that a God exists even though they are the least Godly in their actions (all humans), and those who fail to comprehend the existence of God are those who are the most Godly in nature, and God is perfect therefore creating all things as being perfect but imperfect by comparison to the unattainable, unpercievable perfection that is God himself, thus leaving all things created either perfect or imperfect, and therefore created by an all mighty creator of things that are either perfect or imperfect, in this case God.