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first class women and children were lowered into the already limited lifeboats. Then the first class men, then the second class women and children, and the second class men, all while the third class dogs were locked in their hallways downstairs on E deck. Aboard Titanic, it was almost as if you had to wait in line to live. The Titanic was a serious tragedy, and will be remembered forever by the world. The reliance on science and industry and the behavior during the Victorian Age all played a huge factor in the sinking of the Titanic. In this age where a working class man relied on the scientists to solve his problems while he worries about his strict morals, nature was not respected at all. The Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg, but it also sank due to ignorance. The

ignorance that man can beat God and that man can beat nature. Man was taught an important lesson on April 14, 1912. Work Cited 1)Armstrong, Sandra and Alicia Taylor. “Socialism in the Victorian Age.” URL: http://www.esc8.net/daingerfield/ape/victorian/victorian_age.html (April 28, 1998). 2)Cody, David. “Social Class in the Victorian Web.” URL: http://www.stg.brown.edu/projects/hypertext/landow/victorian/history/Class.html (March 25, 1998) 3) Lord, Walter. A Night to Remember. New York: Bantam Books. 1955. 4) Lynch, Don, Ken Marschall, and Robert D. Ballard. Titanic: an Illustrated History. 1) Ontario, Canada: Madison Press Books. 1992.