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as if it were a beacon from a lighthouse. The stars are glimmering as if they were millions of diamonds placed it the sky in a most intricate pattern. The number of passengers is minimal, to give ample privacy to all who need an escape or just a romantic adventure. The captain, and crew, of the ship have a way of satisfying ones every need. From tropical drinks to hors d oeuvres and the perfect lighting effect providing just enough glow to give the feeling of candlelight, all done by a seemingly invisible entity. From the other side of the boat one can see the island reflecting all the activities of the islanders. There is the quiet solitude of the beach in some areas to the parties that appear to be in full swing. The sounds as the boat approaches go from muffled to almost

audible. It is apparent from the noise that everyone is enjoying his or her choice of activity. The hotel parties combine fun, food, dancing, and companionship allowing new friendships or relationships to be made. The secluded beaches with the thatched roof cottages and taverns or the moonlight cruise provide quiet comfort for those choosing to be in a cozier setting. This also allows old friendships or relationships to be rekindled.