A Night On A Jamacian Beach Essay

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A Night On A Jamacian Beach Essay, Research Paper A Night on a Jamaican Beach The beaches of Jamaica are a wonder to see, especially when night is setting in. Just picture it. The sun is about to set, the sky is a gorgeous shade of an exquisite mixture of orange and yellow, and the stars are so faint that one could just barely make out the Little Dipper. The night air is at the most comfortable temperature anyone could ever fantasize. The sand too is great to feel, cold, yet warm. To stand on the soft sand was like being an ice cube on a scorching hot day, just melting away from toe to head, becoming one with the versatile sand. The sky is the most beautiful site that anyone could ever imagine seeing, or feeling for that matter. Between the colors that the sky had portrayed,

the faintest sight of the very first star that one can see at night, or the imaginary shapes the clouds formed in the moonlight, to the warm gentle evening breeze, it is a wonder that anyone would ever leave the beach. The water is incredible, so clear that it was as if people were swimming in liquid glass, and warm through and through. No matter what time during the day, or year, anyone could swim in the water. The temperature of the water is intense, just as a gigantic explosion would be to everyone in about a five-mile radius. As one walks down the beach, he or she encounters a variety of different feelings for the nightlife on a luxurious island beach. One can see tourists and local people just walking hand in hand enjoying the peaceful sounds of the water lapping against the

shore. Perhaps someone might even see couples picking up shells that have unique shapes to collect for various uses of their own preference. The nightwalkers can see the more expensive beach hotels with their elaborate parties for their guests. The party lights can illuminate sections of the beach almost as brightly as the sun would in the middle of the day. There are bonfires and dances; some that include a variety of cultural ways to dance and encourage everyone to join in the fun, enough food to feed the proverbial army, and several other activities centered around having an enjoyable evening on an exotic island beach. This kind of life is what most people only dream of ever experiencing. As some continue to walk farther down the beach, they can take in the picturesque

countryside with its thatched hut cottages, just secluded enough to make the occupants feel as if they have an island beach all to themselves. These are the people who come to recapture the romance, which may have diminished over time, in their lives. One could see them walking hand in hand in the soft moonlight, ankle deep in the warm evening surf, sipping on some sort of exotic concoction created by the bartenders from a beachside tavern. Most of these outdoor saloons are made of the same thatched roofs as the cottages the guests stay in. Palm frond walls, and wood floors would give anyone a feeling of serenity that would make that person feel completely relaxed to be there. The beachside taverns have a wooden dance floor right on the sand. They also have many bands that play

all sorts of music, such as: reggae, classic soft rock, and dance music to stir up the passion in all who participate. The hotel parties have an elaborate spread of food making one feel as if he or she have died and gone to heaven. Their menus include succulent pork roasting on an open pit barbeque, hams cooking until the meat just melts in the mouth, the obvious array of various seafood, and tropical fruits of every variety. If one needs to get away from the paradise of the island, they can take a moonlit cruise along the beach. From one side of the boat one can see water for miles that appears to be clear and smooth as glass, making one feel completely alone except for fellow passengers. On this particular night, the moon is full and bright, lighting the way for all seafarers