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continual. As a result, rather than creating a little push towards prosperity, we must realize that we need to take our youth by the hand and guide them towards a better life. ReferencesBarnett, Steven. (1995). Long Term Effects of Early Childhood Programs on Cognitive and School Outcomes. The Future of Children. 5, (pages unknown internet: http://www.futureofchildren.org/lto/02_lto.htm)Cole, Michael & Cole Sheila. (1996). The Development of Children (3rd ed.). New York: W.H.Freeman and Company, 462 Creating a 21st Century Head Start- Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Head Start Quality and Expansion. (1993). Washington DC: US Department of Health and Human Services, administration for Children, Youth, and Families. Currie, J., & Thomas, D., (1995). Does Head

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