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A Nation Divided Essay, Research Paper A Nation Divided America, although one country, is divided in its political beliefs about how the federal government should intervene in the lives of its citizens. Throughout history, even to present day, politicians have debated this balance. Today we live in a system which depends for its expansion and vitality upon the government (Source 9). This can be read as a pro or a con for federal involvement in the lives of citizens. Looking at each side of the debate may help you decide where your beliefs fall on this issue. If you believe the federal Government should actively participate in the matters of the people of the United States, the previous statement would be a positive one, stating what an exceptional job the government has done.

In America today every fourth person depends for his livelihood upon employment either directly by the government or indirectly in some industry supported by government funds (source 9). Our government is at an economic high right now. This success is credited to a strong federal government. The government acts as a flow meter, aiding perpetual momentum in the economy with things like a minimum wage, child labor laws, welfare, social security, and unemployment compensation. These permanent stabilizers were built into the economic system to assure that money would stay in circulation even in economically trying times (Source 4). The government is a workforce leader that is necessary to keep peoples basic needs met and give opportunity to people to enable them to succeed. The

function of the government is to protect the nation and serve the people s needs and wishes in every necessary way. This is, by the way, a government for the people, by the people, isn t it? On the other hand you may have read the opening statement as an anti federal government sentiment. You may feel that dependence is weakness and being supported by the big government is relying on charity. Herbert Hoover said, My own conviction is strong that if we break down this sense of responsibility, of individual and mutual self-help in the country in times of national difficulty, and if we start appropriations of this character, we have not only impaired something infinitely valuable in the life of American people but have struck at the roots of government (Source 1). Truly rewarding

success is gained through responsibility and hard work; handouts lead to a break down of values and morels. These stabilizers implemented by the federal government allow for great taxation, a huge public debt, and reliance on government relief (Source 9). We need less government intervention; the federal government has no right, responsibility, or authority to intervene in public relief issues (Source 12). The point of our Constitution was to limit the power and function of government, this document still stands today as our primary doctrine of fundamental beliefs. What you need to ask yourself is, what is the roll of government, what do they owe the people, and what do they have to offer? My personal political ideals fall far left of center on most issues. I believe the American

people should support the federal governments roll in our nation. The government should be dependable in caring for its people and protecting its resources. It s like the proverb it takes a village to raise a child . With support starting in the family, moving to the community, branching to the local government, and stretching to the federal government we can become a great nation. But of course decide for yourself how you feel.