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not. For the reasons discussed above, Durkheim’s work appears to be fundamentally different to the majority of works on suicide, as most other writers regard suicide as an individual act, caused by factors internal to the individual. By looking at suicide purely as a social fact, Durkheim effectively created a completely different and uniquely sociological point of view from which to assess the causes of social phenomena. However, in creating this ‘uniquely sociological’ form of analysis, Durkheim has been criticised by writers such as Lukes, who believe that in examining suicide, it should be seen that there is a interlinking relationship between societal and individual factors. Other writers suggest that Durkheim is also incorrect in his attempts to use information on

groups of people to make assumptions at to the rest of the society. Although Durkheim’s work on suicide has been heavily criticised, however, his work is still regarded with respect for its systematic analysis of data, if not for its content, and his methodology is still to this day a great influence on the way that many sociologists study areas such as criminology. SORRY, NO BIBLIOGRAPHY WAS SUPPLIED WITH THIS ESSAY MARKED 61%